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Just another rant about the dreaded inbox

This rant is going to be very tired for most frequent forum users, but I’m frustrated today and no one in my real life understands Fiverr at all, so this is the only place I have to rant to people who will Get It.

I have been on Fiverr for over seven years now. It used to be my main source of income. I will always consider it to be a great platform for freelancers, especially if you got in early. There are, of course, 99 great buyers for every bad one. I have had the privilege of working with so many great people on cool projects. But, like, these buyers in the inbox, man. Just, like, place an order? Go to my very carefully crafted gig pages and look at the information there instead of coming into my inbox and asking me to send it in a message to you?

Fiverr has graciously provided a widget for all writing-related gigs where you can type in how many words you need and it automatically generates an appropriately-priced offer for you. Why in hell would you take the time to scroll down to “Contact Me,” click on it, and type up a message that asks how much 550 words is going to be when you can 1) DO THE MATH YOURSELF or 2) let the gig page do the math for you???

I know, objectively, that these people are probably looking for discounts. They’re probably thinking that if they just message me, I’m going to be so grateful for their interest that I’ll knock some money off of my prices. But, like, c’mon. I know some of my fellow Fiverr writers offer discounts, but…c’mon. If you want it, ask for it, so I can send you away with a quick response.

Like, why do buyers think that I’ll be able to tell them how many words they need to put on their website in order to “rank google #1,” as they say? SEO is so much more complicated than that. I know that, and I’m just a lowly English major. Why do they think that, for free, I can provide them with the “best keywords?” And why would you message me something like, “Can you write my website content?” without any other information or context, as if that isn’t the title of one of my gigs, therefore indicating that I can, in fact, write their website content?

SIGH. I know this is such a small thing. But it really got under my skin this morning. There are, of course, tons of legit reasons to send a message before ordering. But all of the “hi,” “are you available,” and “can you write for me,” messages are a teensy bit frustrating.

That’s it!


This is so true.

Maybe before but now it is the opposite, unfortunately.

Some sellers here claim there are normal professional buyers with high budget using Fiverr. It is very rare, very very rare.

I do design so today I had something similar. To create the thumbnail as sample of my work. I designed a very basic sample as they wanted and stated for the full version with the colorful text you can see my portfolio for reference and order if you like. They responded I did not create thumbnail they asked for.

Yes, I did not, for free, no.

I got a message two days ago. “Hello”. And the buyer is online and that was his entire message.
I responded after two hours with hello.
He then ask do you do OBS and Live stream overlays?

And the questions are under my OBS and Livestream overlays service.



I share your pain. I treat Fiverr very much as a part time business now.

Like you, I’ve been with the platform for over seven years, but nowadays I only have one active gig that provides a small but steady income.

Put simply, I got fed up of people who couldn’t communicate clearly.

My strategy is very simple now. If people can communicate, I’ll work with them. If they can’t or else show signs of greed - I’m not interested. Life its too short.