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Just another seller tip to avoid cancellations


Probably this tip has been posted already but it may also help new sellers.

Since this ’ PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE YOU ORDER. ’ on top of your gig description tip dosn’t really work for me and buyer only rush the order button without reading a single word in your detailed gig description.

And since my two gigs are videos and intros related to Twitch streaming platform, i took advantage of my gig photos to upload this image :

And on my both gigs, i have like 4 requirements and the last one is this :

Say yes if you have read the description before placing this order, i’ll cancel the order if you didn’t provide me with the necessary files.

And everytime i get an order, their answer to this requirement is something similar to this :

yes. if there’s any additional info you need please reach out. thanks again.

And if there is a file or info missing that you NEED to start the project, they agree to extend the delivery time so they can send you what you’re asking for or they ask me to charge them for additional work that isn’t offered in the gig instead of finding another seller, and this happened to me few times, and once i deliver i get an extra tip just because i was kind and professionnal.

And this is the kind of messages i get :

I really love your attitude! Youre very professional and your work looks great i can prepare the files and get that to you by today :slightly_smiling_face:

At the end, what you get from being kind, patient, and proffessionnal, returned buyers and extra money to reward your effort.

And just work on every order like if it what was your first order.

And i forgot to tell you that i didn’t get a single order that was canceled after i respected these tips.

Hope this will help you achieve your goals.
Your friend and Fiverr collegue,


I’ve also been wondering why a buyer doesn’t have to agree to having read the service description before ordering. :thinking: It should be Fiverr making sure of that, not sellers. If any cancellation occurs due to buyer agreeing to having read the description, but didn’t, then a cancellation would not affect the seller in any way, except not getting paid for that order.


They do - there’s a check box especially for it, but they’re not held to it if they cancel, even if it’s because they’ve asked for things not included in the gig etc.


Interesting update! I didn’t see that last time I purchased. Though what is the point if they can lie about reading it? Feels like a lot of buyers don’t even read a word on what they are buying, and just order a gig blindly, and then are disappointed because they expected it to be different.


This is what we see on the order page when they’ve checked the box:


I do that too. Well, I don’t have an image like yours in my gigs but I mention that I need more info before I can give them my best offer, especially when I’m reaching out to a request post under Selling >> Buyer Requests. Buyer’s do appreciate it when you are thorough and transparent in your message to them. I have quite a few returning buyers because of this too.


I also did this. Nice tip


This tip will keep a seller in the safe zone. Though I was a level-2 seller, I have not thought this point yet. Thanks for providing this intellectual tip. This style is really a professional. :ok_hand: