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Just another tips thread

Hello everyone,
I’m new on Fiverr and on the forum but don’t worry, I’m not going to ask why I don’t get any orders. Instead, I want to share with you some tips to improve your gig description. Yes, I’m a new seller with no orders sharing tips to improve your description. Wonderful, isn’t it?

So let’s start.

First, PEOPLE BUY ON EMOTION. Yes, people buy on emotion and then use"logic" to justify their act. So through your description you need to connect with buyers and be honest with them. I heard you asking how. Here are some few methods:

• EMPATHIZING with them
• Showing them we understand their problem BEFORE talking about products
• Asking open ended questions
• Showing some personality
• Validating them

For example:
• “What if I show you exactly how to do ______ even if you DON’T buy my course today?” (helping them whether they buy or not)
• “Are you tired of false promises? Me too…” (validation)
• “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” (open ended question)
• “Have you ever dreamed of a world where…” (open ended question)

You can also use empathizing statements that validate buyers…
• “If you have trouble with _____, you’re not alone.”
• “If you’ve failed in the past at ______, it’s not your fault.”

But the most important thing is to stay honest

Next, you must make a difference between Features and Benefits
A Feature is what your gig is and A Benefit is what your gig will do
Ex: Feature: I will create high quality backlinks using blog comments and youtube
Benefit: I will increase your site visibility and attract more visitors

More benefits, less features

Finally a list of words to make your gig description unique

Most influential words, via David Ogilvy "The Father of Advertising"
• Suddenly
• Now
• Announcing
• Introducing
• Improvement
• Amazing
• Sensational
• Remarkable
• Revolutionary
• Startling
• Miracle
• Magic
• Offer
• Quick
• Easy
• Wanted
• Challenge
• Compare
• Bargain
• Hurry

To indicate “lots of” - Tons, Floods, Avalanche, That’s not all, Plus Bonuses, There’s More…

To indicate “fast results” - Virtually Instant, Instant, Quick, Fast, Rapid, Little Time To Implement

To indicate “easy” - User Friendly, Newbie Friendly, Easy, So Easy, Simple, Simpler Than You Think, Easy To Understand, Take You By The Hand, Step By Baby Step, Super Simple…

To Indicate “Less” (as in cost or pain) - For Only, For Just, Regular Price ___ TODAY 40% OFF!, This ALONE Is Worth The Price Of The Entire Package, Eliminate [problem product solves] And All The Grief And Headaches That Come With It… Forever.

“Product Descriptors” OR “What The Product Will DO” For People – Discover, Learn, By The End Of This Course You Will Know How To _____, Revealed, Revolutionary, Unique, Imagine, Info Packed, Feature Packed, Durable, Solid, Convenient

Reassuring Words - Warranty, Guarantee, Easy/Simple (assembly/to use/to maintain, to follow or understand, etc.), You’re Not Alone, I’ve Been There Too…

I hope these tips will help you to improve your gig description

Market Teacher

I’m not sure that encouraging sellers to exaggerate with bombastic words is appropriate for fiverr. Maybe for late night infomercials…

Although they can always experiment and see what happens.

The initial goal was to make their gig description more friendly, but you’re probably right, these words may not be suitable for Fiverr.