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Just Asking -What do you use in case of power outage

Most are times when I experience power outage. This often result in late deliveries which is not very good. Apart from home generators which are very noisy, please give me suggestions on what I can use to Power Laptop in case of power outage.

I have a power backup system called UPS at home…but since the new Modi government has come to power in 2014, power outages have become less frequent, and even when they do, they last just 30-45 minutes. But yes, it was a huge problem in the past in India, it probably still is in villages.

UPS = Uninterrupted Power Supply.

I gave $500 to the Modi campaign in 2014. Looks like every $ has been well worth it. Will give more for the 2019 elections :slight_smile:

I drive to the next town with my laptop and find a hotspot.

I swear hale and hearty. Then I wait.

Great to know. I will need to buy one. Thanks Writer.

That’s another great option.
Thanks Miss crystal

I see.

This is my solution as well. Even if my neighborhood power is out, I can find a hotspot somewhere within 20 miles.

A second solution for me if the orders are simple is to use my phone as a mobile hotspot. Paired with my charged laptop or Kindle I can get online until batteries die.

There aren’t that many power cuts here, and they usually last either 0.1 second or a couple of hours. By the time I organize travel to a nearby town with electricity, it’s likely to be back on, so swearing is a good option. That said, I usually have something to work on (open files) anyway so it’s more of a research/delivery annoyance.