Just became a level 1 seller! :-)


Hi Community,

I am so happy that I have just achieved level 1 seller :slight_smile: I believe that I though up some very unique services for a billing system which is a niche for web hosts that a lot of people don’t have experience with and require help. On average I have had at least 3 repeat orders for every buyer so far. Will buyers be put off if I am charging $20 for same day delivery?




Congratulations :slight_smile:

I don’t think people will be put off but doubt anyone will buy the gig extra as your gigs are 2/3 day delivery anyway :wink:


I understand that :slight_smile: Interest comes every now and then due to its niche.


Very good news, congrats! You are now well on your way to Level 2!


I can’t wait! 1 order closer to level 2 as of yesterday :smiley:


The interest seems to have died haha


Keep at it! Don’t give up hope. Since I became a leve 1 seller sales have been harder also. You can do it!