Just became a level one seller! WOOHOO! Is there any real advantages?


I am happy to say I just got promoted to a level one seller! KAPOW! I am aware of the gig extras feature but has anybody noticed an increase of sales when they became a level one seller?

I appreciate any feedback.

Peace x


Sales improve because you now have reviews (hopefully). Even if the number of orders might not go up drastically your total take away will be higher as you ca now sell for a higher price. Gig Extras come in really handy it is now time for you to charge closer to the real world charges.


I am not sure it will help you or not. But i got to say that you have to control your cancellation ratio. It reached to 16%. When it hits 20%+ your levels will be demoted. So try to reduce that ratio.


Well done jonnypop! Good work!


Congrats @Jonnypop!

@Wingle Thanks for sharing that about cancellations… I didn’t know that.




Congrats! I think levels always help with sales :slight_smile:


I now have 21 positive ratings. I would have more if my internet connection and fiverr were less glitchy lol. Thank you all for your support. :slight_smile:


ps I often see people tend to become greedy once they are able to add extras?


You rank much easier in categories when you have videos up as a Level 1 and Level 2 seller. When I had no levels, it seemed much harder to show up on categories.(Not verified, just been my experience.)

Sales should improve as just from being a Level 1 seller, you can offer more of a varied gig as you can now include gig extras, thus enticing your buyers more to buy from you.