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Just became Level 2 after


I just became level 2 seller after 3-4 months of getting serious to my fiverr gigs, actually i am working full time and fiverr is just a part time and offering my knowledge as a web designer / SEO / link builder thru my gigs… after 3 to 4 months of getting serious here (actually i made my account more than 4 months but nothing serious in the past) i became level 2 and that was a great experience… hope to become a top rated seller :slight_smile:

still have 100% rating check my gigs now


Congratulations brianpaulyap!!! =D> keep up the good work and you’ll achieve your next target soon!!!




thanks you sachin81 and rossonomous… interesting here…


thanks you sachin81 and rossonomous… interesting here…


congrats buddy


well played mate


Brilliant!! I have also just been to level 2 :wink: Good Luck ahead :wink:


Super that you’ve reached level 2!

I hope to reach it within these two months. That would be neat :slight_smile: