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Just became Level 2 seller!


Today morning I woke up and as always, first thing I did is checking :slight_smile: And there is a message that I have became level 2 seller. Wohooo >:D< I didnt expected it so fast. I registered on fiverr 4 months earlier but I posted my fist gig before 35 days and made my first sale before 32 days.

I am pretty excited about it. :slight_smile: Thanks to my all buyers helping me grow. I will never forget that to satisfy customers is a must thing on fiverr. Try to give every customer more then his/her expectation and you will be a sure success.

Thank you everyone.




Congratulations…!! =D>


Hi! Set up alerts from your email box to your mobile phone. So you will know right than when you become a new level fiverr seller:) You have missed celebration all night long for your great fiverr win!))

Good luck!


Congrats Bro. I can see your Exotic Spices Gig :slight_smile: Very Creative and Unique :slight_smile: Keep it up <:-P


YAY that’s great news!!


Reply to @samix1990: :slight_smile: thanks


Awesome news


Congradz !!! and Keep it up !! :smiley:


Hi, what does it take to hit level two? 85 gigs all complete. 25 positive reviews and 6 negative. still cant do gig extras. also complete orders from april 22nd is scheduled payment may 18th. anyone know why?


Reply to @tommhard: I think It may be due to your rating is 83%. Anyways I would suggest you to contact support. Best of luck.