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Just became the victim of a fraud! :(

Something very terrible happened to me today. Recently I delivered an order worth of $100. Buyer was happy with the work and she completed it giving a 5-star review. And a few moments before posting this, I got a notification from Fiverr and I saw this:

I immediately created a ticket with CS and now waiting for their reply.

What’s making me even sad is I’ve worked with her before and never had any sort of issues. I tried contacting her and seems like she has blocked me. Because I’m seeing a message she can no longer be contacted.

Did anyone face similar fraud like this? Have you ever got payment back? Will this affect my gig ranking?

UPDATE: Issue resolved today (August 04). Buyer contacted me explaining it was Fiverr who cancelled the order when she requested a change of payment mode! She made the payment through a new order and everything went fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, People are just getting to be unbearable. Sorry that happened to you man =( Fiverr really needs to stop giving buyers control over refund decisions until they investigate the issue better, especially with refunds after delivery AND 5 star review…Cmon Its too easy for them to do it, so of course they will.


Honestly, TIL buyers can cancel an order after marking it complete. I thought it’s impossible until today. If that’s the system, then where’s the protection for sellers? :worried:

Ive never heard of that. Where did you hear about this, seller protection? :thinking:

How come it’s possible to cancel an order after making it complete? It’s illogical…


That’s my question too.

Fiverr article says:

Requests to cancel an order after completion will be assessed by our Customer Support team, based on:

  • Violations to our Terms of Service.
  • General misconduct, such as harassment, unlawful behavior, etc.

So is getting refunds for any digital marketplace, hardly any place does it…Especially without investigating. Fiverr hands out refunds like its the hottest thing, because it keeps the buyers happy.

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Therefore, you have a proof since she completed it giving a 5-star review. I guess CS will solve the issue. Also, another proof is her blocking you.


I think the buyer have issue a chargeback from the bank or paypal

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