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Today I became TRS after a year working on Fiverr, I just want to say THANKS to Fiverr for this great opportunity!

Congrats on getting TRS!

Reply to @aingham69: Thank you

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks


Congrats!!! =D>

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks

Reply to @cheezees: Thank you cheezees

Congrats pal!! :slight_smile:

Reply to @aldodel: Thanks a lot.

Lots of new TRS lately. Hm. Maybe I should start being a bit more active again for a chance! Congrats!

Glad to hear it!

Woo hoo! Congrats!!!

Congratulation from a Newly promoted TRS myself :smiley:

Reply to @freelancemm: You never know, I have been working almost everyday, so it is great to know your work and effort is being recognized. Good luck and thanks.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Thank you!

Reply to @collegesweetie: Woo hoo indeed :slight_smile: Thanks

Reply to @wingle: Thank you, congratulations to you as well! I bet you are feeling great too :slight_smile:

Reply to @bkaric: Absolutely :stuck_out_tongue:

from what we can see you have 1500+ rated orders and a 99% percent with about a year of service on fiverr. congrats to you! it must be nice to finally able to unlock those seller features. woot woot!!! that’s a lot of orders and a lot of patience to have them unlocked. by all appearances it seems you deserve such rating by the amount of orders you have gotten alone! good for you!

have you ever been featured on the main page?

we have been on fiverr for about 60 days and are at level 2 with little over 500 orders and never have been featured on the main page. i’m hopeful the unlocking of top seller features comes much sooner rather than 12 months for us.