Just become a Level 1 seller, and here what I’ve learned so far


Thanks to Almighty. I just become a Level 1 seller. And here I’m going to share two tips that also help you a lot. So let’s go ahead.

Start With Low Price.

If you want to get sales on Fiverr, you have to do something better than other sellers. If other sellers are designing 1 Logo, you have to offer 2 Logos for the same price. If you now ask me why you have to design one more logo, then my answer would be “you are a new seller dude, so you have no choice.” So start fiverr business with low price, but once you get some 5-star review simply increase your price.

Update Your Gig

If you have a gig of Web Developing, remember there are hundreds of sellers out there offering the same service. So to stand out of this massive crowd your gigs have to be much more Better than others. How do you make your gigs much more attractive?
Well answer is given below;

• Use a nice Quote at the top of your gig. For example, if you are transcriber, then you can use this quote “Transcribing is the painting of word.”
• Don’t use too much Bold lines.
• Make your gig free from grammatical error.
• Use Some Promising lines at the bottom of your gigs.
However, here is my gig’s link, you can check it out for better understanding https://www.fiverr.com/s2/689adb9609



I also reached on level one few days ago, But i am not receiving and order. I don’t know whats the problem. Usually past requests appears on my active request results. If there any one can help me please. https://www.fiverr.com/users/naumanali22/