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Just Become Level 1 seller - Thanks to those who helped

I’m really happy as well as thankful to all those who helped and encouraged me on fiverr.

I was little bit dishearten in start but as time passed by I got some good suggestions from people through inbox as well here on forum. :)>-

If you are new here, don’t give up… Try to improve your profile and gig descriptions (Which is something I’m still doing).

Try to learn things here on forum. It is really a good place!


:slight_smile: ,

You are about to reach level 1 too…

Congrats to you! That’s great news!

hi muhammadpunhal , you are so brilliant Guy.

Congrats. You are doing a nice work :slight_smile:

Hey guys , I am new on Feverr. Can you please check my gigs and give me some feedback ?

I will appreciate it a lot :slight_smile:

Reply to @writerlisaz: Thank you… Being a level 2 seller, native English speaker and having a lot of experience here… Can you please visit my profile for few minutes and give me some suggestions for improvements

Reply to @muhammadpunhal: I will try to do that tomorrow! PM me if I forget please.

Reply to @helpfulgirl1: I will, but at this time I’m leaving for class :slight_smile: