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Just Been Demoted? Let's Stop it Happening Again


I have no idea - why not email them and find out?


This thread is not about that. If you want to complain, there are plenty of other threads where you can do that. This thread is intended to help selelrs not get demoted in future. Let’s focus on that aspect, please.


Thank you, eoinfinnegan


After your first response, further messages don’t affect your Response Rate…it’s just about responding to that initial message from a new contact. So you don’t have to keep responding to them after that. :slight_smile:

Hope that’s helpful! I myself didn’t realize until recently that I have to respond to new messages that have already been marked as spam by the system.


When he sends u a cancellation page, reject it and message him that Customer Support will cancel the order. Contact them, they will see that the buyr wants to cancel and you will get “Order Cancelled by Customer Support”


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This thread is for discussion and advice about avoiding demotions/gaining promotion and not for other discussions.
There are currently two other main topics available for that:


I’ve been on the Fiverr system for several years. I’ve also been a top seller for several years. I went from receiving 600 orders per month to 400 ordered per month to about 150 now. I get the algorithm changes and that has affected my business, however my sales price point has increased. So, even though I’m losing the amount of orders, My sales bottom dollar has been increasing.

I have always struggled with keeping up with the quantity of messages. I wish there was a filter that helped sellers to stop all of the inquiries. Literally, I can receive hundreds per month. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all of them if you’re not online 24 hours a day.

Regarding the message above

  • My recommendation is to not increase the order time. The reason being is because if you do this, in general people tend to get lazy. My theory is to shorten the amount of time it and get to work so that you can get it out-of-the-way as soon as possible.

  • The resolution to is great, however It typically results in a cancellation. Just being honest…which now, counts against you, whereas in the past and never did. For example, if someone purchase something from you and it’s not what you offer (happens a lot), you can go to the Resolution center and explain why you cannot complete the job because it does not match your gig description. If you cancel, it’s now a cancellation against you, not the buyers. Asking for more money is not with the buyer wants. Typically, on a system like Fiverr, people want more for free. Although, I have asked for extensions occasionally… That seemed to be an OK feature. Nine times out of 10 I’m usually waiting on a buyer to send me the information that I need that was requested as a requirement. That can also delay the process to… Lazy buyers.

  • I’ve tried to email alerts using zapier and IFTTT. It seems to work and has alerted me a little quicker. The mobile device is probably the best tool for sellers because it allows you to communicate on fast.

  • Quick responses are amazing if you take the time to respond (timeblock your schedule to do this).

  • This is dumb (sorry, but it is), “you have to respond to every request, even spam ones. If a spam user has already been blocked, just submit an “Unblock User” request in the messaging system, and send them a “No Thanks” response.” Fiverr programmed their system to automatically block people using auto-spam set in place by them. Therefore, they obviously have recognize that people are sending SPAM and they chose to weed out those individuals. That said, we should not be required to respond to spam messages. It’s very annoying. Why should I be penalized. It’s kind of like credit card fraud, but you still have to pay the bill, regardless.

In addition, turn off your online status. This is only a filter in search. Fiverr says it helps find you, but I don’t believe it. In fact, I believe it works against me. When you’re online 24 hours a day that opens you up for many messages sleep. With the new rules in place, you need to respond to all of those otherwise you will be penalized possibly demoted.

What’s up with this canned answer?, “Please do not use this thread to complain about being demoted. This thread is intended purely as a help resource for sellers who want to avoid demotion in future. If you’re frustrated, angry, or want to vent, there are plenty of other places on the forums you can do that. Let’s keep this thread on-topic, please.” _Lot’s of people will be demoted…including me, with over 10,000 jobs completed. Where’s the loyalty?

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve been arguing for years about buyers who should be vetted and run through a rigorous process just like sellers. I get so many buyers that expect something for free or order my gig just to take my stuff. Video occasions I have had to request fiber to remove duplicate copies of my own gig.Can’t prove it, but I am almost positive that I’ve shopped many times by these fake buyers just to see what I have. Whatever.

Anyways, I hope this does not come across as a venting, but more of a reality warning from the seller who has done thousands of projects. Do you need systems in place before taking on tons of business. Also, try to implement a CRM program to manage your orders and messages. Currently, Fiverr Does not have such a system in place, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do this outside of the Fiverr system to help you build your business.
This is part of my 2018 goal. To implement a CRM program and to manage orders and messages more effectively. I saw this coming a year ago. Hope this helps… Please reach out if you need any advice.

Thank you,

Darren Tunstall
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IMO the “on time delivery” is too harsh as it doesn’t just count your initial delivery time, it also count those after buyers request revisions.


I agree, it would be nice to not have to respond to spam but that is what is required at the moment. I think it is more like seeing that there has been fraud on your credit card and deciding to report it - if you don’t report it then you have to pay for it; annoying but such is life.

Threads should stick to topics, some users were not doing so and had their comments moved to relevant threads.


Thanks Darren, but as I said, this thread is not for those discussions - please psot this somehwre more appropriate. Thanks.


It’s exactly why I got demoted after over 3 years as a Level 2 with a 100% rating and stats in every other category. I had two such “buyer error” orders this month, so I’m below 90% and bam! I’m now Level 1. I was mad last week when I saw it coming, am over it now as I get the news. There was absolutely nothing I could do about this, even contacted Support for ideas but they can do nothing apparently. It is a terrible feeling after giving Fiverr my all for 3 and 1/2 years though.


I think the Fiverr’s staff should make the stat system work better and more precise… before any modernization of level system or other big inventions like that. This is not fair!
I’ve met some glitch several times. I mean the difference between stats on ‘Dashboard’ page and ‘Analytics’ page…It’s misleading people and makes you don’t actually know how hard you should work few days before evaluation :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know if I would be able to reach TRS nomination without Fiverr Help Center.
Anyway I recommend to reporting every incident like that to them. Please, stay alerted…

The 3 screenshots (below) taken a one/two weeks ago (you can see the old black panel, lol). In every case I’ve waited two days before reporting anything…





I kind of agree but don’t…

I have been unspaming spam messages for as long as I can remember. From experience, however, my response rate still drops despite this.

Also, as I said on another thread, I have survived this review but I tracked 3 percentage points which I lost simply due to Fiverr bugs and reasons beyond my control. Then we have the secret feedback and ability for potential buyers to rate our message responses.

It’s all simply too much now. I SHOULD have just lost my level. I didn’t because with 8 requests to cancel orders which never started over the past 60-days, I rejected every request and found it best simply to stop offering over half my gigs.

The bottom line is that things like orders which never start due to buyers never supplying details shouldn’t even be an issue.

From my own analysis, the only way to sail through future review periods is to hike starting prices to over $40 and start operating in a grey area of TOS like I do, where I just reject cancellation requests. - This and limit gig offerings in order to avoid certain categories which due to the nature of work offered, are much more prone to problematic buyers.

Sadly, all the above does is shift the inconvenience of inherent seller side problems on Fiverr, to the buyer side of things by limiting choice and affordability of services.


Alrighty, in the spirit of “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness” I have created a “Site Improvement Suggestions” thread where we can brainstorm ideas that we can pass onto Fiverr development about improving how we handle levels, metrics, thresholds, demotions etc.

I have a contact in the Customer Success team that I can pass these suggestions onto, so if you have a great idea, let’s discuss it in the thread linked below.


I completely take your points, would you pop along to the suggestion thread linked above and make suggestions to resolve these areas? Love you!


Actually this point isn’t true;
Submit Unspam Requests
the way the Fiverr system works, you have to respond to every request, even spam ones. If a spam user has already been blocked, just submit an “Unblock User” request in the messaging system, and send them a “No Thanks” response.

When you do that, the response rate will drop automatically. I already met with this a few times. I’ve unblocked the user, responded and right after that the response rate dropped to 99% or 98%. I always needed to fix this with the resolution center as the response rate counter has this bug. If the user is blocked, simply delete his message and don’t respond to it. That’s what the customer support guys also told me.


Thanks for confirming, that’s great information to know. I have suggested that this requirement be automatically removed from response rates.


I like your advice :slight_smile: Surely I will follow them


This is a very poor response @paulmaplesden; and you certainly are incognizant of these challenges faced by many other sellers. @thepromogirl replied very simply, and quite frankly, the answer is so unambiguous to most of us for Fiverr to address and not to demote!


Why? I said this thread is not for discussions about complaints or demotions several times. I created it in good faith to help sellers in future, and up in that first post, you will find some good advice. It is respondents to the thread that derailed it.

Additionally, I am a seller just like you, and do not have insight or influence over Fiverr and their systems. Instead of calling me out, why not head over to a thread I created on suggestions, and make some constructive feedback there?