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Just Been Promoted? Let's talk!

To everyone that got promoted, how did you get promoted? What was your rating?

Comment below and upload a screenshot of your analytic and let’s talk.

Mod Note: If you lost your level in Jan and regained it in Feb, here is another discussion for you! There is always hope. :slight_smile:


Was demoted last month from Level 2 to Level 1 because I had 75% on time delivery and 82% order completion. Worked my ass off to get both to 94% this month so I can get my level back.

Surprisingly I had more sales as a level 1 seller this February than a level 2 seller last January


I’ll add a screenshot later. I just got promoted back to level 2 after being demoted to Level 1 in January. My stats back then was 64% for On time delivery, 97% response rate and 97% cancellation. Now it’s 92% On time delivery, 97% response rate and 95% cancellation.

I extended the time on my gig to several days. I figured if customers really do want quality, they won’t mind waiting a few more days to get their orders completed. I also made use of the “ask for extension” solution in resolution center. My clients are usually cool and understand that writing takes time. I wait until I’ve finished the gig before sending in the extension request. (Prior, I would update the customer that my order might be late and ask for an extension and if they agree, then I do just that).


Hello Everyone…
I also got demoted last month. My response rate was around 85%, completed orders was around 80% and on time delivery was around 75%.
But I worked very hard and now again promoted to level 2 seller. I tell you guys this was not easy. Fortunately I have some good and recurring clients. Otherwise working and getting orders as a level 1 seller was not that easy. I did not get much orders as level 1 seller. But anyhow I did my best and promoted to level 2 seller.
A huge sigh of relief.


end the end
money matter, but not the people around here.

that’s the reality

Great guys. I got promoted back to level 2. I got 100% in everything.


Still a Level 2 seller, but I’ve been nominated for TRS again. Although I was nominated last month, I had a duplicate gig that may have stopped me from being promoted (according to the email I received about it).

:balloon: It would be a great b-day gift!


Even if it doesn’t happen this time, at least I can say I’m “TRS Nominated” (x2) :smile:


Happy Birthday, Miss Sydney!
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What happened the last time? Did you get nominated but your nomination got declined? Where you TRS but got demoted to level 2?

Is it possible to a level 2 to regain TRS status?

This is a yes. It may be manual and I don’t know if you get a better chance than someone who was never TRS, but staff has made statements about the ability to regain any lost level. It definitely included TRS.

I’ve remained a Level 2. I was nominated last month, but the follow-up email listed reasons a person wouldn’t become a TRS. One of those reasons was having a duplicate gig, which I did at the time due to a bug that wouldn’t let me re-pause an older version of a gig that I had un-paused weeks prior.

I’ve fixed that issue, but still no TRS for me (yet). :slight_smile:


Great job USAMA … (Y)
Congrats bro… Share some tips and tricks about the success in fiverr…

I bet March will be your lucky :four_leaf_clover: month! :smiley:

I don’t want to jinx it or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great … (Y) good work