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Just been promoted to 1st level seller and it feels so good!

Just wanted to share with you guys how happy I am that I have made my first milestone with Fiverr.

Every day, I learn how to market myself and sell more stuff as well as handling previous and new customers.

Looking forward for my next new milestone. Any tips are welcome.

wow <3 congratulations for you :slight_smile: I’m really happy for you :wink: may I know how to market yourself and sell stuff ?

Thank you for your nice words. Basically I use social media for external marketing or friends referrals, however one thing I learned is to be patient with Fiverr.

This is the real deal.

As soon as you get the first gigg request and deliver in time this should be followed from a 5/5 review from the client.

Fiverr algorithm will somehow start promoting or placing you better in it’s own search engine.
and that is the real deal.

Try to offer a good product and once you make a sale make sure you give your utmost to get a good feedback.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: May I ask your advice, why I never get customer after I sent lots offers to many buyers in the “buyer requests” ? is it not efficient way to send offer in buyer request or another reason ? Thank you once again :slight_smile:

To be honest with you it was only once someone accepted and it wasn’t profitable at all.

There are a lot of people that will send offers to request so a matter of luck and time will take place.

Apart from that anyone who makes an offer rather than finding someone himself and place an order means he’s still looking and is willing to wait.

Last but not least you might be offering a service that is not exactly what the user is looking for.

Hope this helps.