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Just been taken for my money

I have been ripped off by a new user. I did contact support. How long till someone usually responds? I do want my money back in my bank account and not as a credit because I am not comfortable anymore with using fiverr anymore. So sad someone has to ruin it for other people. I think the guy also lied and said he was in the United States because his English is bad. Also, he completed the order on me (Twice) so I can’t even leave him a review and then he has the nerve to write me and tells me he’s on vacation and will send me the logo when he returns! He had no reviews and was a new user and I hesitated but figured everyone starts somewhere. Feeling really FRUSTRATED.

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Customer Support CAN take up to 24 hours to respond.

Just stick with the original ticket and do not create duplicates for an issue-free resolution.


Fiverr is trusted platform for both buyers and sellers and your issue will be surely resolve by fiverr contact support don’t worry about it no one can take anything for free.

Also customer support will reach you soon.

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Fiverr is a trustworthy platform I would advice you to work with sellers that have a proven track record and have a number of reviews.

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Customer support will respond soon. Dont worry

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Although upsetting, this can be a learning curve for you.

For the future:

  • Reach out the seller beforehand.
  • Communicate. Determine if he’s the right fit for you.
  • Don’t “complete” the order until you are fully satisfied.

Best of luck.
:bulb: Joe

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Thanks all. I did not complete the order. The guy completed the order. He did this twice because the first time I thought it was an error. But his original offer was $5 then he said he could only do for $25 and I gave him more money. But when the logo didn’t arrive I sent a dispute and then he refused and completed the order. I also did communicate with him and sent him a mock-up. I had a few good experiences on here so I didn’t think this would happen. By the way he just sent me a message that I ruined his vacation! OMG!

If the order is marked as complete you have the opportunity to leave him a review.

:bulb: Joe

As a provider, let me tell you that if you file a complaint with Fiverr, they will give you your money back - and very likely not even ask the provider for his/her side of the story.

(Not that I’m saying you’re not in the right or haven’t been taken, just that it does rankle me that on two occasions a client filed a dispute, Fiverr never asked me for my side, just gave the jerk his money back. Irritated me no end because I know each time the client did it deliberately in order to get free work, and the fact that Fiverr never contacted me to learn the true facts - or any facts from my side, was infuriating.

Maybe because I put in a dispute and he refused they suspended the option to leave him a review? I didn’t see the usual option to leave a review.

Thanks for your response. I figured they read the messages we sent back and forth. A one day gig turned into 3 days and now 10 days later he hasn’t delivered anything and is on “vacation.” It’s not even so much about the money but it was for a friend and now I set her back 10 days.