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Just before Fiverr closes my account

Life they say is full of ups and downs. I have had my ups, I have had my downs, and if there is something I’ve learnt through it all is that, these experiences has had a wonderful impact on who I am today.

I remembered when I first received my $5 gig, I was but a newbie seeking for greener pastures on Fiverr. I believed this is the perfect place for me to earn a living even though I have lived most of my life in solitude. It was a great feeling! Little by little, I had a $10 gig, $50, and even $90. These were very good times, and I had some excellent buyers too.

But then, my first order above $100 which was a whooping $200 gig came along. I was like, I am destined for greatness here, and I did the work with all of my heart, worked over time, did more than I was supposed to do for the amount of time I was paid to do. I received the order based on time, but unfortunately, my seller gave me a work that a normal human being may not be able to complete in 168 hours of continuous work to complete in 20 hours. She said, I should be able to complete it within 20 hours. She asked for my price to work for 20 hours and I gave her, I worked for 40 hours because it was the first order I got which was above 100 and really wanted to impress her.

Unfortunately, the problem with research work is that, you never know what to expect until you start. Anyway, this was my own bad time on Fiverr. I sent messages about what I will do, and what the buyer should expect from me, but unfortunately she did not reply. After completing the work, I send the work expecting her to at least review it and seek for modifications, but she never did until Fiverr marked the order has completed automatically after 3 days. i started making plans as to how I will spend the $160 I will receive in the next 2 weeks after the money is cleared, then the buyer came online to tell me the work is not completed. I ask her to purchase more gigs so that I will work for extra 20 hours, but she threatened to report me to Fiverr if I do not complete the task before tomorrow which is very unreasonable. Anyone every heard stories of sellers winning wars against buyers on Fiverr? I doubt that, and I have already rest my case that my earnings, especially those that are yet to be cleared and the $160 I was expecting is all gone… This is a very painful experience…

My advice to all sellers, there will be good days, there will be bad days, rejoice when the good times comes, and trust you Spirit to guide you to notice bad buyers. it is not always written on their faces, and even the most smiling buyer and most humble buyer, can be the one that ends your account on Fiverr.

I have resigned my fate that my account will be blocked eventually, and I hope we have a wonderful experience on Fiverr. That may not always be the case, but that is my own little experience here.

As painful as it is, what has happened has happened.

Learn what you can, and never stop believing in a good future for yourself.

Much Love to you all.

Kind regards,

Sofia Writers.

Reply to @infinityplusone: I am a seller as well and I explained my concerns regarding multiple posts because they are considered spam. This is especially true when the are also posted in the incorrect category. There is a category for ranting and I mentioned that to her. I am sorry if I offended you in some way, but venting still needs to be in the right placd and duplicate posts are spam and are often deleted. Have a good day!

Its customers own fault for not responding in 3 days. I don’t think you have an issue unless the work you sent em found to be not their at all. In other words complete fraud.

@sofia_writers I sympathize as I said in my reply to your other post. Now that I found your story repeated on another forum category, I am not going to repeat the sympathy. You do not need multiple posts in different forum categories. Report your issue to Custom Support and if you need to vent, the Ranting Pot is here for you. Good luck.

Thanks dears for you kind words. I really appreciate it.

Reply to @fonthaunt: did you show up just to tell her chidingly that you won’t repeat the sympathy? That’s harsh. Perhaps, no one ever told you that you can choose to just say nothing. If she wants multiple posts, so what? People get upset and rant. We all know that Customer Support will not take her side because the T&C do not favor sellers, it is an open risk we take. Venting is all we have.

Fiverr won’t close your account because of one customer, especially if you completed the task you agreed to complete. No way! Don’t resign just because of one bad customer. They will come and go


Truly sorry to hear this. I hope you never encounter such again… I am still new here, not really to sell stuff but more to buy, I still don’t know how to go about stuff properly here so I am still learning. Be good

Thank you Madison. I’m grateful for the kind words. Communication is key to success of any business enterprise. The buyer failed to communicate properly, and that was a very big issue. I just hope it never happens again and hope my earnings are not taken away too.

Thank you Aragon, I promise to be good.

why would some one work for 40 hours and get paid $160

Reply to @customrapsongs: In some parts of the world a person can live fairly well on $160 per week. They may even be able to support family on this amount while teaching themselves skills to run a business. I have a very hard time seeing how doing something so important and honorable could be the dumbest thing. Asinine? Wow.

Reply to @fonthaunt: my question to you is: Would you work for 40 hours and receive $160 USD?

Reply to @customrapsongs: Yes, I absolutely would and I did in my first 2 weeks on Fiverr. You can buy a lot of food for that where I live and most shelters only charge $4 a day for a cot. Americans fall on hard times too and the money doesn’t go as far as it does in some countries but if want to get back up and thrive, you find a way. Some of the buyers I have now bought from me then but they pay me a lot more because I gained their trust. It was worth it and for me, nothing but good came from it.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Maddie, your answer explains clearly a fact and honestly I completely agree with you.

But you know, for someone it could be too hard to understand… so move on, you’re wasting your time with people like this…

Reply to @mark74: You are probably right, Mark. The thing is, the guy can call me dumb, asinine or a slave and I’m fine because I’m proud of my work ethic. He can’t change that.

What I am defending, for a few moments, is the right of the original poster to work hard and not be called those names. And by defending her, I defend the rest of us who sell, work and care for their loved ones. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: you don’t have any idea how much my blood boiled when I read that comment!! I want to defend the right of the poster to work hard just like you and I can’t allow anyone telling her dumb or asinine.

Even if that guy could eventually be right, that doesn’t mean he should shoot a wounded person, because this is harsh and useless!!

I worked for that amount when I started and sometimes I still find myself working for a few more… this is a choice sometimes, a choice that should be respected…

Reply to @mark74: Well, we’ve had our say and he can take or leave it. I say let’s walk away from this one and go check out the To-do list change. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: already posted several messages on the thread :smiley:

Reply to @mark74: I am so sorry I cannot relate to you

Reply to @customrapsongs: I don’t live in a third world country, but I work with many sellers and entrepreneurs from those countries so I well know how different is life cost.

So you live in a rich country and you want to make money? Nothing strange, nothing bad; but accusing someone to be dumb and asinine just because she lives in a different country and has different habits it’s really disrespectful.

Can you understand this? I think it’s not that hard…