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Just bought two gigs, money was already takenand no communication from fiverr or seller


Just bought two gigs, money was already taken from my paypal account and I didn’t receive any email,


You simply Reject the order using the ‘Got Problems’ tab below. (When the seller delivers it).

From there you can cancel and get a refund.


Have you initiated contact with the seller?

After you purchase a gig, you should go to the order page to provide the instructions to the seller.

If Fiverr doesn’t show your order yet, wait a little while (like 10minutes), just incase PayPal hasn’t updated Fiverr yet.

If you have opened an order, provided instructions and not heard from the seller - give it time. sellers do not always reply to a gig until they work on it (this prioritization is one reason many sellers are able to offer their service so cheap, cutting out the back and forth). This point is only applicable if the gig isn’t late, and is within the lead time set by the seller.

If you have done all the above, and the gig is late, try contacting the seller again and contacting customer support. If you still do not hear anything, cancel and receive your money back.

If work has been submitted, but you do not like it, or want changes, reject the order from the “got problems” tab and communicate with the seller - if you do not reject the work, sellers are often not updated to messages on a completed gig