Just changed prices - after 2 weeks of vacation


I just doubled prices for my top-selling gig. However, it is worth mentioning that I’d been on vacation mode for 2 weeks.

Do you think the decision was wise?

I am talking about a writing gig with 40 5-star ratings.


I am a writer too. I tend to change my word count rather than my price. If you have good sales and feedback the you are in a strong position to change what people pay for your services.

The only thing I bear in mind with a price change is loyal customers so I offer them the chance to buy at my old rates or a while via a custom offer.


Vacation mode is a topic nobody truly knows much about…
There are only speculations on whether it affects your spots on the fiverr search and so on…

Upgrading your prices is always great, I would simply suggest to first the clients back, to order regularly, and than change the prices to your desired amount :slight_smile:


I am not sure how Fiverr’s algorithm works - because I am not a buyer. Would pricing affect search results? For example, can a client opt for a search that starts from $5?


I’ve been on vacation mode once: clients actually started seeking my gigs, instantly.


Vacation mode is said to affect the algorithm but a price change does not.


So, price is irrelevant to searches?


A buyer can choose the price range as one of the filters.


Great to hear. Should I be worried in this case?


Only if the buyers are looking for $5 gigs and nothing else.


Do you think that buyers often do that?


I Dont think so that it will create any effect that you were in a vacation


Concerning this gig that now has a bigger price: Fiverr tagged it as a top seller. Does that affect anything, anyhow?