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Just cheated by a seller what shall I do now (Solved)

I’m working hard to find a good designer for my new store, but failed(The seller delayed my project, and did nothing in the end), so I decide to buy the theme and work out my own. After hours compare I found a theme looks nice, but it costs high $350, so I search the keyword here finds related service and that spam seller.

He sells service, but I ask for $70 to provide the install package here. He accepted but after payment done(Via Paypal directly), he disappeared with no further reply. I kept pushing asking him with refund, then he replied told he is in the class, so I wait. another hour passed, I asked again, he sent empty file.

Then I ask him to resend, he disappeared again, it’s another 1 hour with no reply. By that time, I decide and go with the official theme there, and leave msg told him not resend the file but only refund money. Then he comes back, said"I will send it now" , I already go with the official why should I buy with him at the same time?! But he send again the files and ask me buy his , refund the official version.And complain I’m wasting his time!!!

What should I do now?

Where shall I report? And how can I get my money back?

It’s against Fiverr’s TOS to pay sellers via PP. That was your biggest mistake. I do believe you can ask for a refund through PP as services not rendered and they’ll investigate the issue. However, as for Fiverr’s end of a refund, the only thing you can do is inform CS of the issue but don’t be surprised if they close the seller’s and your account (though I could be wrong about yours). Since the payment wasn’t done through Fiverr, they can’t issue a refund on your behalf.


All payments must be done through Fiverr. Paying (or accepting payments) outside of Fiverr is a Terms of Service violation, and Fiverr offers no guarantees in such a case.


I always pay thru Fiverr, and it’s the 1st time and ONLY time I accept other ways here.

Sorry, but this is a hard lesson to follow the Fiverr TOS. Posting on the message boards here will give you the same answer over and over.


You need to remove the seller’s username immediately as that is not allowed on the forum.


Why? Shouldn’t he get punished? If I have his profile here, other buyers will notice and no more cheating from him.

Those are the forum rules and a moderator will remove it.


The forum does not allow naming and shaming. You need to remove the image.


deleted :sob::sob::sob::sob:

One reason for this rule is that sellers could come here and falsely name and shame a competitor. I have wanted to name and shame a buyer or two, but the rule is there for a good reason. :wink:

I am sorry you have this hard lesson to learn. :confused:


Thank you, and fully clear on that.


I went to Paypal, and informed the seller, he finaly refund all the money.

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