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Just complete my first order

just complete my first order today
and i just thinking to made other gig other then 3d modelling and illustration
so i decided to make logo gig!
but i think it have really hard competition
can you guys suggest other gig i could provide as a graphic designer and 3d artist?
thx! happy friyay!


Competition is nothing on Fiverr, you should not think about it. Just create gigs in area you can deliver good work and don’t worry about orders, they will come. For first order on some of your gigs you can wait for some time (I recommend you make the price 5$ what ever it is) but when you get the first one, make sure you deliver excellent work. If they leave a 5 star rating you will not have issues with other orders coming your way.
So my advice, don’t think about competition.

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yes! i hear people really love fiverr ecosystem
which made easier for new seller to get the order.
but for buyer request it’s really hard to get one of these haha.
btw thx for the advice i also start all my gigs with 5$