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Just completed first $1000. Thanks Fiverr


I have just completed my $1004 with 83 positive reviews. Thanks fiverr.

My next Goal is $300 per month constantly. I hope I will do it.


congrats for your success and good luck for your next goal :slight_smile:


congrats @jamshed_khan



Congrats on your success :slight_smile:

keep up the hard work and you will achieve your next goal soon.

I recently completed my 100th review with $1500+ within 2 months :slight_smile:


Nice Congrats! @jamshed_khan


I completed it also ,2 months and $1,192 with 84 reviews, haven’t had time to celebrate :smiley:
A ton of work waiting to be done :slight_smile:

Thanks Fiverr.


Reply to @webexpert1313: Yes. Working hard to achieve next goal.


Reply to @ana2001: Thanks


Reply to @ilovenish: Thanks it seems that I will be very near to your earning upon 100 reviews.


Reply to @davidstudio: Same situtation here. Waiting for some relief (In fact don’t)