Just Completed My 3,000th Gig!


Honestly, I thought it was more than that by now, haha. Regardless, it’s certainly a day of celebration for me! Here’s to 3,000 more. Thanks everybody!


Congrats and take day off :stuck_out_tongue: I know how hard it is sitting in front of computer all time finishing gigs. Hats off to you for doing 3000th gigs. :slight_smile:


haha hell yea keep on sellin!


Congratulations! How long did it take you to get to that point - and what is your best advice for a newbie?


So 3000 x 5 … + extra, holy *! I thought I was good with my 100 orders hehehe


Thanks for the kind words. However, a day off seems unlikely considering I was just featured in Fiverr’s newsletter and now have 70+ orders in queue! (not complaining) My best advice on selling is offering something of value. Whatever you do has to be worth much more than $5. Of course, no order should take you more than 20 mins to fulfill so there is a delicate balance to achieve there. But with great value comes great feedback and, as we all know, great feedback promises more orders every day. In my 3 years here in the Marketplace, I recommend selling creative services of any kind. Most buyers are seeking a fresh perspective on their projects, whether it be in the form of logos, graphics, videos, articles or even slogans. These buyers will often order from multiple sellers at once, which decreases the likelihood of negative feedback even if they don’t particularly love your work. Not to mention, creative gigs have plenty of room for Gig Extras that your buyers will take advantage of often. Best of luck!


With Gig Extras, it’s far more than x 5. Keep it up, it’s worth it!