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Just Completed my 5th Order with a Great! review

Hello Everyone,
I am very happy after completing my 5th order :slightly_smiling_face: cause I got a great review for it.
It always a good feeling when you’re appreciated for your work and thus gives motivation to continue doing the quality work :grinning:
and BTW… thank you!! everyone in the forum, you guys have helped me a lot on this journey of fiverr :smile::v:


Congratulations! It is exciting to get good reviews and feel successful on Fiverr! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are welcome. That is one purpose of the Fiverr Forum. :wink:

I am happy that you are happy; however, please do not come back to tell us each time you finish and order. :grimacing:

Some new sellers have come to the Forum to tell us each time they finish an order with a 5 :star: review. They tell us about their 6th order completion then their 7th, 8th, 9th and so on! :scream:


congrats!!! that’s cool best wishes for your upcoming projects and always listen to @vickiespencer advise which almost right :joy:

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Almost right? :thinking: OR almost always right? :wink:


i guess its 99.9 but can’t be say always,…:yum:


:joy::joy:well I sure won’t be doing it till I become a level 1 seller now
and thanks for your advice :v::grin:


thanks @rizwansb :smile: I will follow this advice :joy:

Congrats. Go head !!

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That is a significant step in your Fiverr careerr. Be sure to read the TOS to stay out of trouble.


Thank you! @mmh4560 :blush:

It will be for sure!! :slight_smile:
and thanks for your advice, I do go through TOS time and time to make sure everything is Okay :v:

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