Just completed my first gig! Five stars and an awesome review!


I just completed my first gig, it was a tough one because the buyer didn’t really know what they wanted, and the logo file they had for me was not suitable for many of the options I have made available for this gig, but I found one that I think will work great for his purposes and he loved it!

Check it out! https://www.fiverr.com/s2/6d54c84adf

One thing though, I don’t think he selected to allow his project to be used on my live profile so it will show up in my gig photos/videos… is there a way he can add that in afterwards? He says he’ll be willing to he just didn’t know how


Congrats on your first success. it’s just a start. :joy: @mxidigital1h


Go ahead,share gig social media


congratulations! One thing I’m confused about is the live profile, I have not found this anywhere on my page. I upload an image for my portfolio, but have no clue about where to find this.


@mxidigital Congratulations! Best of luck.


Congratulation! Good luck for your fiverr business:slightly_smiling_face: