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Just completed my first order :D

I have finally completed my first gig order!

Now I am motivated enough to keep going.

If any of you do not get any orders, keep your head up and do not give up.
Keep improving your gigs and advertise them on forums such as these and on other social media platforms.
Exposure is the most important thing afterall :slight_smile:


congrat, wish you more orders and buyers :blush:

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Congratulation! Keep it up.

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Congratzz where do you share usually ?

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Yeah amazing news. Congrats. And yes! Never give up just work on it. Greetings

Maria S.

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I usually share on Instagram (which is not really that effective, actually)

I would recommend sharing your gigs Facebook :slight_smile:

Congrats for the first step to success on the Fiverr,

Would you kindly like to tell me after how many days did you get your first order?

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I got my first order after roughly 1 and a half weeks :slight_smile:

Congratulation. Really exciting… I remember my first order. Heart bit went high… Really

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Haha, I’m 8 months here.
The first time I’m posting on this forum and I’m really curious, how does one get more sales through the forum?

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I would like to share free resources for a better SEO on a single topic.

Google ( unfortunately G+ pulled back their services, and it was a great tool amazingly. now you still have new updated services such as google map, google groups
You tube the most powerful video streaming
Facebook, page, group, live etc…
Blog spot
word press
Linked in
Whats app
Pint rest
Be hence

one email for all IDs, Link them to each other for build a single click share on all channels.

sale without selling

, create a post with call of action button reply them nicely and build your trust.Recommend them for fiver r and the rest will fiver r take care same as doing with us. You only have to be honest, dedicated, and skilled, and that is what we are converting in to cash. I am so confident that this way what ever you earn your peace of mind will be remain. and you’ll feel much pleasure.

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You took a positive step for your better improvement, and here you can meet with new, powerful, and valuable ideas. All seniors are well decorated with great skill and they guide very friendly. so have a good journey here. You are welcome.


Thanks net, ha ha.
I’ll try to be productive here but I’m still navigating.

It’s really nice to know the seniors take time to help.

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