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Just completed my first order! :-)

Hi all,

I am over the moon that I have just completed my first order successfully! Question is, what will I need to do in order to work my way up to a level seller?

Kind Regards,


Haha! I’ve never seen it as shouting before :wink:

Just maintain a 100% rating and work your way up to at least 10 positive reviews in your first month for Level 1 and at least 50 positive reviews on your second month for Level 2.

It’s all here in this link:

That is awesome, just keep delivering a great product, have a positive experience with your buyers, maintain your 100% rating and love what you are doing

congrats! Just keep getting good ratings and you will get your levels :slight_smile:

Cpmgrats and keep your buyers happy. Deliver fast and early.

Congratz! Hope you become a top rated seller soon :slight_smile:

Grats! It’s always a great feeling to get that first sale!

Always strive for the best customer service!

Get 10 positive sales to get lv. 1! and like grandma said, get a profile picture!

Also post on the forums with us :smiley:

Good Luck!

Congrats on your first order! All the best to you…


Great news and welcome to the forum as well!

Thanks for all of the kind replies, will set a profile picture any second now. How do you guys go about getting customers? My gig is in the web hosting niche and is for companies rather than the individual consumer, recommendations?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Build up your portfolio slowly… maintain 100% gig rating…

Update your Fiverr profile/avatar…

Offer some more gigs related to your niche…

It has taken awhile for my gig to build. Each buyer is the first buyer because I remember what it felt like to complete my very first gig. I never take them for granted. I worked in a restaurant ages ago and they always told me the food buffet should look the same at 10 minutes before closing, as it did 10 minutes after opening, in other words, never give less than 100% regardless.

Thanks for those encouraging words :slight_smile:

Yay! Let’s keep it going! I wish I would’ve known about this forum when I started out a month ago.

Originalh, one thing that might help is to clarify “technical jargon” or avoid it entirely.

Now, maybe you don’t want me to buy if I don’t know what WHMCS is…

…and if so, okay good. It’ working :slight_smile: But I don’t even know if that’s something I want.

I looked at your gig and I had NO idea either of them is giving me a hosting account.

None of them are giving you a hosting account - prehaps I should make that more clear :wink:

I just looked at your gig and I also have no idea what it is you do! But, as anarcho says maybe that’s ok since you are looking for someone who is already familiar and licensed with the software. What about a call to action phrase that explains why the buyer needs your service, what it will do for them? Personally, I’d refrain from sentences in all caps because it looks like yelling to me.

Congrats on your first sale!

When you’re in the chatroom biz on the 'net, it’s most definitely viewed as yelling :slight_smile:

Reply to @ceceliavo: same here