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Just Completed the journey of 1 year on fiverr

When i join the fiverr i am almost a 17 year guy in Oct 2017 . I have listen about fiverr form cousin I don’t have anything i just borrow a pc form cousin and take internet connection to my neighbour friend and start my fiverr journey . I got a first order in after 4 days joining of fiverr and then journey begins . I get average of 10 to 12 orders per month and i am very happy with result . In dec i got banned form fiverr due to Violation of TOS . I am very desperate at this time i don’t know what would i do . I join again fiverr in 31 dec and there no single in this month . Then the Feb comes and the new journey begins i have completed a 50 plus order in Feb that is double of total amount of orders form my previous account .Then i got a continuous order not like my first month but got good amount of order . I become a level one and now i am level two seller So this is my short story especially for a young guys who you wanted to work on fiverr but they don’t have any resources .
And one Last thing " Believe in your self " . When i join i don’t have anything but now i have all things that the 18 years guy wanted in his life … Thanks i will post full story soon .


Congratulations. I took a lot at your gigs, I think it’s great that you’ve injected your personality into them! I’m sure this is part of the reason why you’ve been getting sales.

Just a friendly suggestion - you should probably remove the part about December/January. :wink:

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CONGRATES BRO…!!:wink: :tada:

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Thanks its 31 dec 2017 joining date that is why i wrote jan

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Can i increase my rates now any suggestion i think is the best time now ?

Can I get a link to your profile on Fiverr so that I can have a look at your gigs? Thanks