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Just contacting fiverr support to bug issue

Hi, My response rate is decreasing on daily basis without any reason. I just contact Fiverr Support. Do you think is it a bug? Or would Fiverr fix it immediately?

Please help me, I am worried

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Hi @zunairatarif

I had a similar problem with my response rate, it suddenly dropped to 75%!

Please contact CS and tell them about what’s happening, they can restore your rate back to where it was. Maybe you were spamed and didn’t notice.

Also check your dashboard to see if you have any message shown as unread and compare it with your Inbox. If there is a mismatch, also tell that to CS.

I hope this can help. It did helped me!

it’ll be better to ask CS Team!

Did you reply to the first message sent to you by each sender within 24 hours within the last 60 days?

I don’t think it’s a bug.

Probably because it’s based on you last 60 days. It’s an average.

you may be performing good, but if you performed bad in the past it can affect it today yet.

So yes, it can drop suddenly.

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