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Just counted SEVEN seller requests posted in buyers request!

Have the rules changed??? Why are there so many people trying to sell their gigs in Buyers Request??? I mistakenly responded to one thinking it was someone looking for a voice over. Seven seller requests were posted today! I’m sure these are new sellers on Fiverr who do not know the rules. Maybe Fiverr should refresh everyone’s memory???

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Its bad idea.

I don’t think the rules have changed. There are a lot of new sellers that seem unwilling or unable to read the tips, help pages, academy, etc. They jump to what appears to be the easy way out by using the forums to advertise (nearly useless) and buyer requests (more useless.) Some of the ones that don’t understand the current tips also probably don’t understand what buyer requests are and they don’t read here enough to find out in simple terms.

I even saw one new seller in the forums the other day who tried openly recommending to another new seller that he advertise his gig in buyer requests. I nearly choked on my coffee! Do you have an idea on how to get the message across? There have been multiple forum posts about this and they have done no good.

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@purpledog32, not to be snarky, but posting this complaint in the Forum is turning into the new forum version of Sellers posting in Buyer’s requests. Someone else even posted the same exact discussion in the same forum a few hours before you.

Reply to @david388: That’s part of why I asked if he had an idea. I’m seeing the topic pop up and answered a LOT. Many of the same people posting their gigs in Buyer Requests are also posting in this forum asking how to get sales. They aren’t reading, just writing. Anyway, this isn’t really a tip for sellers but I didn’t want to move it immediately myself since it had the question about changing rules and I figured I’d answer it.

Perhaps @purpledog could edit the post and move it to the Ranting Pot now that it’s been covered repeatedly. If not, I can move it shortly.

Reply to @david388: THANK YOU. I was just scrolling down to post a comment like this. There have been something like ten threads just in the last three days on the exact same topic. The complaint is valid, but posting an entirely new thread when there are twenty others just like it is as annoying as sellers posting in the buyers requests.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I moved this one since the OP never did. At least if we are going to scream when we see duplicates we’ll already be in the Rant Pot. :wink:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Indeed! Keep all the frustration in one area!

Reply to @david388: That’s not snarky at all. Kinda ironic that my post about posting in the wrong area gets moved because I posted in the wrong area. LOL. Oh well.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Exactly! More eloquent than how I put it :slight_smile:

Reply to @emasonwrites:

Reply to @emasonwrites: Sorry for being annoying. I had no idea that soooo many people had complained about the same thing. Just trying to help. I thought I was doing the right thing…oops.