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Just created my 2nd Gig - Podcast Editing, Mixing, Leveling/Mastering

Hi Fiverr-ers,

It has not even been a week and I have already created my second gig. Professional Podcast Editing, Mixing, Leveling and Mastering.

I have been working with audio production and producing Podcasts for sometime now. I love love love it! Soooo, what is the gig?

I will take your podcast audio and make easier to listen to. I will clean it up by…

Editing it in such a way that the content is clean and fluid. By removing long pauses, umms and ahhs, and mistakes your podcast’d content will be the focus of your listeners.

Mixing multiple audio sources like previously recorded content, intros/outros and sound effects will improve the overall production value for your podcast.

Mastering the final version is were everything comes together. This is where the audio is engineered to sound like all the pieces were meant to fit together precisely.

The completed project I send back will be ready for publishing.

Anyway, I love finding new people to work with so if you need a podcast or any other audio to be worked on, check out my gig. Constructive comments and suggestions about my gig are also welcome. Appreciated even.