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Just created my Fiverr Facebook fan page - is that a good idea?


i just thought it might be good to increase sales: https://www.fragglerock.

your thoughts on it?



Sure its a good idea but for anyone who already has existing facebook pages it might be best just to promote your fiverr gigs on them.

Just thinking it might take a while to start from scratch and getting followers for a page with nothing but fiverr promo.


Reply to @kjblynx: On my most popular fb page i got 580 followers and getting that many has taken me 3 years (that page is in Finnish though and 580 followers from a country with a bit over 5 million residence isnt to bad).

I just find it too time consuming to maintain multiple fb pages every day and as soon as I slack off followers lose interest.

I agree that if you do similar work for a better price outside of fiverr then its best to separate.