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Just created my new gig with the help of forum famous guys

Hi fiverreres, hope you all will be doing well. I have just published my new transcription gig with the help of nice suggestions of nice persons who are @uk1000 @ahmwritingco @humanissocial
This time i took a time approximately one weak before publishing my gig. I mean I think literally about gig image, description, tags etc. I made every gig image by own.
If you have one minute free then please visit my gig and if there are any problems please suggest me because I wanna rank it on first page.
click here:
Thanks a lot guys once again. You really helped me a lot.:blush:
“No one has ever become poor by giving.”


In the gig description:
“Provide minor rewrites, If I feel It’s needed.”
I’d use a lower case “if” if it’s after a comma.

“Beyond transcribe video or audio, if something is…”
Maybe change “transcribe” to “transcribing” eg. “Beyond transcribing video or audio,” or maybe it could be reworded (“As well as transcribing video or audio,” or something).

It might be better to reduce the “unlimited revisions” in the premium package.

Maybe remove the 5 stars from the gig image in case it’s seen as though you’re putting your actual 5 star rating in it.

Don’t put Fiverr badges or rewards on your profile or Gig image.

edit: Also maybe reword “Opposite to other sellers” eg. “Unlike other sellers” or “Unlike some other sellers” or some other wording maybe.

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Your title reads better than the last one. You’ve also incorporated a keyword into your title, description, and tags, which is good.

A few edits still need to be made, though, to make the gig error-free. In addition to what UK1000 said, there’s an inconsistency in your packages. You say you’ll transcribe up to 60 minutes, then a few cms below that say you’ll transcribe up to 30 minutes.


@ahmwritingco @uk1000
One day i’ll be an experienced like you guys because I am getting a lot of new things in just minutes. Please stay connected with me. You are awesome.:blush: