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Just Created New Gig Unable To Search It

My Account is 8 years old but I just created new gig which is activate … but after searching for gig I am not appearing in entire site I checked every page

any help suggestion or should I wait 24 hours


How long has it been since you created your gig? Sometimes it takes a little time for your gig to appear in the search results!


Thanks For Reply
Just Created 2 Hours Ago

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how do you search for your gig ?

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I did by changing to buyer & also used other browser

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Go to HELP, Manage GIG, GIG status, click on your GIG and screenshot what does it say.


It says Gig Status Active

No, not there, that is just decoration. It can say active but your gig is not active.

I asked HELP section, Manage GIG, GIG status. There you get the real status.


Will you please give link of that help button
I am only seeing this and after entering it I am not finding manage gig option


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I tried this link & it says its pending from fiverr side
I opened a ticket lets see

HELP section is on the bottom of the main site where you have all the help tutorials and advices on how to create gig, how to make SEO of the gig, and everything. You never used Help section?

The link in the post above is also direct link to that. But you should spend some time reading HELP section.

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Yep I used it & See the status it says
" Looks like your Gig is active but needs further review from our side to appear in search results. Please contact us so we can check your Gig and help you out."

After that I contacted & Waiting for response

Why this happened?

because they need to review it, maybe you changed something, maybe the system noticed you used some word or something. After you report to CS they will tell you the next steps to take or activate your GIG.

It is good every now and then to check your gig status there. I had 3 gigs not active for 3 months not knowing because the dashboard shows them active but not actually.

In dashboard active is not the same as being available in search results.

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ohhhh you waited 3 months?
Thats a lots of patient

Thanks for helping me out

You are truly savior

I did not know my GIG is not active. In dashboard, my GIG shows active, which only means people who come on my profile can see it, but it is not in search results.

Only after I was told I am not coming up in results by one of my clients I went in the help section and I got message my gig needs further review.

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I think I need to be as patient as you to be successful in fiverr :slight_smile:

I tried searching my username & my entire gig title but nothing comes up…
I hope they reply fast…since its holiday week :crossed_fingers:

Same problem created my gig weeks ago. But still not appear on the whole site.Is there any problem with my gig?

open support ticket via help section

Check the gigs firs, are they active. Use HELP section to learn about Fiverr site.