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Just crossed $2,000 earning mark? Am I eligible to become a level 2 seller?

I just crossed the $2,000 mark of now and all the standards are okay. Am I getting this today?

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It think it’s probably too late. I think the evaluation has probably already finished for everyone. You’ll get level 2 next month (probably the 15th) if all your stats are okay.

If all your stats were okay for level 2 at the start of the 15th you should have got the level 2 badge (or might still if you haven’t).


As per I know this is an automatic process. The system taking it’s time to review maybe, I don’t know. It would be nice I get this now. :slight_smile:

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So were your stats all okay for level 2 at the start of today (15th 00:00)? If so, you might still get promoted. And if they were but you still haven’t been promoted by the end of (or sometime) tomorrow you could contact CS about it.


Yes, all stats are okay and hoping for the best. I will contact to CS if I don’t get this by today. thank you.


There’s really no need to do that. You’ll either level, or you won’t. CS is really behind, taking upwards of ten days to respond, and it’s not something that they’ll likely do anything about anyway. Is it really that terrible to have to wait a few weeks?


You may still get this month, or at the latest next month. I’d just like to add that it makes little to no difference whether you’re a level 1 or level 2 seller. In fact, many buyers think that level 1 ranks higher than level 2.

I wonder who came up with some of Fiverr wordings, it seems that, given the chance, they will always over complicate things


Don’t know what I will be getting at level 2 but have been doing good so far at level 1. Thanks for your information.

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I disagree. If it’s the fault of the system, OP shouldn’t have to wait another month. CS should manually promote him. I get that they are falling behind but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t contact them.


I think the review process will be held at 15th day each month


Only that’s probably not. Automated tasks such as this one are unlikely to affect only a few people. If there were a problem we probably would see a lot more people complaining.

What most likely happened, judging by his first post, was that by the time he was reviewed by the system he hasn’t yet crossed the $2000 requirement. It’s all very confusing due to different timezones.

I also agree that people should be able to contact CS whenever they want, but in this particular case I see no benefit for both parts…there’s no actual benefit going from level 1 to 2.

You do get some perks going from no level to 1, and from level 2 to TRS, but none from 1 to 2.

EDIT: There are benefits from leveling up from level 1 to 2 as explained below


I agree it’s unlikely to affect just a few people and it might have been due to the times if the OP only earned > the required amount some time on the 15th (not by 00:00 on the 15th) which is why I asked him.

Though only CS can check it and tell him why if he wasn’t eligible for level 2 on the 15th or fix it if he was but wasn’t promoted. So it’s worth asking CS about it I think if the OP is quite sure they should have had the badge on the 15th (all stats were okay by 00:00 on that date).

Also there are benefits of level 2 eg. number of gigs that can be displayed, gig extras etc. Also the gig promotion thing is only available to level 2 and above.

Maybe Fiverr should have an option for sellers to see why they weren’t promoted.


True! Disregard what I said about no benefits. I’ll edit my previous post. The maximum number of gigs I ever have was 5 I believe, and currently I have only 4 up, so that slipped my mind.

In which case going to CS makes absolutely sense specially if you’re planning to use those benefits.