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Just curious, Sales Re: Covid

How much has Covid affected you Higher rated/Top rated sellers?




I’m not a top seller but I’ll share my experience briefly. I raise my prices every July to celebrate my Fiverr anniversary. Since the pandemic I haven’t noticed a drop in my earnings. I actually feel like I’m generating more income during these times. I’m not sure if I’m getting less orders than before and the pay hike is helping to make ends meet, but I had my highest monthly earnings in July 2020 ever.


Not too much, I think there was an “initial tentativeness”, and I have some customers who couldn’t do business for a while due to the nature of their business (but are back now), but there were always fluctuations, and then there are those specific Fiverr things, like you attribute a slow month to the infamous “gig rotation” and longer rotation valleys due to Covid, or perhaps a new Fiverr feature or test like paid promotions, to later find out that your main gig wasn’t active for whatever reason, and you have no idea for how long (you didn’t edit it).
I’m finding it generally rather difficult to correlate things here with some degree of certainty.


Yeah many of us fallen same there is no sales but also many of them are generate more… maybe it could be fiverr algarhydom .

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I got some drop of sales couple months.
But I think that is normal, not because of Covid affect. I just need to be patient and keep improving my services.

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