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I’m sure we have a lot of information about our sales on Fiverr as sellers with the new Fiverr. What is the range of your conversion? Mine was somewhere around ten percent but dropped to 5 today. Conversion is the percentage of your orders from the total pageviews for all your gigs.


Depends really mine is around 30%


7% and fluctuates to low high sometimes.


Reply to @ozzieuk: wow, that is a lot!!


Reply to @bachas85: ah, I see what it fluctuates now! thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


not much but which is use full


thank you @ryuken and @labnols


Mine goes up and down a lot, mainly because I have orders coming in waves (and as a result, page views). However, I don’t pay much attention to it, as I doubt its accuracy - my “rated orders” is always about 5 or 6 orders wrong, and currently it’s close to 10 orders wrong (that is to say, I have 10 more orders that have been rated but they haven’t been counted in the Analytics – luckily, they do show up on my order pages). As a result, I have little faith in the whole Analytics page. I also dislike that I can’t check the history easier, but that’s not what this thread is about.


Reply to @marsch001: I checked on its accuracy :slight_smile: It appears to be correct :slight_smile: Yes I agree with you that the number of rated orders appears to be wrong. I think low conversion rates means that people come to visit our site but don’t buy the gig. So we might need to pay attention to the gig description or our offers more :slight_smile:


Reply to @jasveena: That’s good anyway. My problem for the percentage going up and down so much isn’t just that I have waves, but usually I have two or even three orders from the same person, either the same day or the day following, so it can easily go from 0 to 7-8 in a few days, if I happen to have two or more of those people around the same time.

I don’t have a lot of hits though, but as I have a lot of repeat buyers, I try not to focus on that - they might not make me rich, but at least they give me some work.


Reply to @marsch001: good attitude and great way of interpreting the analytic. :slight_smile: I think you are right too because sometimes I have orders but no pageview. So it isn’t really reliable or there isn’t anything much to fret about it


Reply to @jasveena: I have noticed that my “impressions” and “clicks” or whatever it is called again, can be different - and that often happens when I’ve had a repeat buyer coming directly to the gig to order – which means they must’ve either bookmarked it or gone through their previously bought gigs to find me, which makes me happy. More so than having impressions and clicks from them, although I certainly don’t mind new buyers!


Reply to @marsch001: It happens to me too especially when you have repeat buyer or if you send a job offer and they directly click on it. It will be different too :))


Reply to @jasveena: I tend to just keep track of my earnings and ignore the Analytics - I do however spend an awful amount of time gazing longingly at my Revenues page (and the “pending clearance” section in particular) when I am not feeling very inspired to work!


Reply to @jasveena: I think a lot of people do it, even if secretly. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @marsch001: hahaha, you sound like me!!! :)))