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Just curious


Do people really think that a photo of a glamorous female model as their avatar, (when you can be 99% certain that it’s not actually a picture of the seller) is a good idea. To me it comes across as tacky and pathetic. It doesn’t exactly engender trust in the honesty of the buyer does it?

This is not aimed at the many perfectly attractive and honest members of Fiverr, just the dumb sexist ones who think it makes people more likely to choose their gig.


The reason people do it is because it works. And I mean no disrespect to ANYONE in particular, but a trusting and honest relationship isn’t really essential to buying or selling fake social media interactions for five bucks. :slight_smile:

Is there any difference* to a Fiverr seller using someone else’s image to promote their product than a large corporation hiring a celebrity to ‘endorse’ them?

*I’m not referring to the difference of paying for a ‘face’ instead of just pinching a pic off the internet. I mean ‘ethically’. :wink:




@itsyourthing is totally correct.

Do you think the ‘Beer Girl Models’ actually work at the breweries? LOL.

The tactic works. And it’s not really low-brow, it’s the way it’s always been.

My uncle ran a fruit/jam stand. He used to pile up 3 piles of Jam and when he wanted to sell a certain kind he would take one bottle off the pile, leaving the other 3 piles full. 9 out of 10 times people would buy a jam from the pile that was short one bottle.

It’s all perception. And it works.

However, with all that said. There is a slight difference when posting a model as your personal profile picture, and not on your gig. I’m not sure how I feel about that… but the reason is the same.


It works. One of my competitors claims to be an American female writer who is an editor of a newspaper. ‘she’ has a photo of a generic female model. The problem is, none of the qualifications ‘she’ has are actually American qualifications but English ones. OH and it is actually a male man running an agency which is based in China and England. I have proof of the latter but as she makes so much money for Fiverr they won’t remove the gig.

It works because if you browse through ‘her’ positive feedback people say stuff like "the writing quality was awful but she is pretty so I am giving positive feedback’ and the like.

It is HIGHLY annoying. But alas I can’t do anything about it!


Reply to @itsyourthing:

a trusting and honest relationship isn’t really essential to buying or selling fake social media interactions for five bucks. - See more at:

:wink: very good :wink:


OK, it works but it’s still tacky and pathetic :wink:

jbadrawings said: OK, it works but it's still tacky and pathetic

Agreed! :)


Oh but us senior guys just love thinking we are working with such pretty young ladies…

Hey in advertising SEX sells and you are selling your product or service here on Fiverr. Now I don’t buy because they are pretty…but if they are pretty and have good ratings and offer what I need they will get the nod over an avatar… but mostly for me it’s about what I need and the number of gigs they have completed and from what country and level…Hey and pretty is just darn good fun…


It’s getting worse though. Even right now the My gigs section is full of sellers using fake pictures. Just run a google image search and you can see them. These are the same people who are giving Fiverr a bad name. If you think you are ugly and don’t want to use your own picture than just use an image as your Avatar. No need to grab these model shots off the internet. Especially when 80 percent of them are someone else’s picture. I remember reading about a month ago here on the forum that one user recognized a sellers avatar picture. It was his Brother! LOL I don’t know what happened but the image changed pretty fast. :slight_smile:


There also used to be a rule - I don’t know if it still stands - that to become a Top Rated Seller, a seller HAD to use an image of themself; avatars didn’t count.

I assume that’s another ‘rule’ that only applies some of the time, if at all any more. :slight_smile:


Reply to @jbadrawings: wait a second… I dont think your even a cat!


Drat! I’ve been rumbled. . . Curse you matt-garry!

But I am really a 23 year old supermodel, should I put my real picture up instead?


But that would break my contract with Vogue!


jbadrawings please put a bikini on your picture cover your shame :slight_smile:

how could you physically deliver 40+ in a day wow… impressive must of had some sore fingers


40 a day? Oh yeah, that must be to do with a 50 gig order I had to make up the fee agreed for a project. ( it was a fun project ) Lots of delivering and leaving of feedback. . . urgh. . . I didn’t draw 40 orders in a day though! Each drawing was worth five gigs so i just delivered the same thing five times each time. . .

It’s OK re the avatar, it’s wearing a green onesie. . .



I would focus all of your energy into using your incredibly unique and talented illustration skills in coming up with a very attractive Avatar AND gig images that catches the eye 50px by 50px (avatar) and 162px wide by 121px tall (gig image on a category/sub-category page)

I bet if you work within these tony thumbnail size canvases you could come up with irresistible click-through Avatar and gig images that are also relevant to your Gig offerings.

Click through my avatar and tell me what you think.


Reply to @adorablenames:

Fun gig ideas. Nice that you are doing well with them.

Not convinced that there is anything wrong with my avatar and gig images :wink: I do change them around from time to time, but thanks for the input.


I think it’s just a terrible way to promote their gig(s). It’s kind of like those videos in Youtube with misleading sexual thumbnails.


I can’t help but think my own ugly mug is preventing me from getting more gig orders. Maybe I should use a picture of a hot model instead, and watch the orders pour in. :smiley:

Kidding, I’d never do that. I’ll let my work speak for itself.

But like others have said, sex sells. It always has and it probably always will.