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Just curious


I know the competition is tight in Fiverr but do any of you have decided to offer gigs that is worth $50-$200 just to get a sale for $5? I mean I saw some sellers offering to do the work that normally cost $100+ upfront.


Yup, take example for my gig. I design an app icon. In my day job, the rate per icon is $100-200 that normally takes 4-8 hours to finish.

What I do with fiverr is to lessen the time working on it, or put less details.

I would normally average it out to design 1 app icon in 12-15 mins only, so thats $12-16/per hour.


Sometimes you have to offer more for less just to get your foot in the door. Once you build a good reputation and good rating, you start to break away from it and start utilizing the gig extras. :wink:


Yes, I do. My normal rate for writing a resume/CV from “scratch” is between $75-$125. I’ve even charged as much as $300 for a very long CV. On Fiverr, I will proofread and edit a resume/CV for $5 (which often includes rewriting entire sections), but to write one from “scratch” necessitates purchasing my gig ‘extras’.

However, I can honestly say I do not cut corners or spend any less time on the documents I write/edit for Fiverr. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I simply won’t turn out an inferior product just because I’ve agreed to do it for less. It was my choice to join Fiverr.


I am lucky enough that I have access to good equipment and enough years of experience to do my voiceover work very quickly. And enough people purchase my gig extra’s to make it worth the couple hours I spend a day doing these projects. It’s not IDEAL money – what some people might make with a Union or in Hollywood, but at the end of the day we have to realize that technology is changing the world and we need to change with it.


Reply to @musiclover: I will offer more for less but it would be underselling. I also don’t have time to actually put 5-20 hours of work into one gig. (I can do a full blown digital painting but it would take at least 20-40 hours of work for a background digital painting and 5-8 hours for a fully shaded character painting).

So in the end, I only offer simple and stylised character art that I can do in 40 minutes-3 hours.


Reply to @autumnhall: I see that even with your extras, you still offer less than what you usually charge. But wouldn’t that cause your formal buyers(who discovered your Fiverr gig) not wanting to pay what you charge and go to your gig and purchase from there instead for cheaper? Correct me if I’m wrong, is there any difference between what you offer for $75-$125 and the gig extra one page resume for +$20?


A lot of times I spend more time than the $5 is worth on my gig. But it’s a hobby for me. As a sound designer, I would be creating and manipulating audio extracts on my free time anyways. So getting five bucks to take someone’s art or photograph and introduce it into a new spectrum is a bonus; especially when you know the work that you do for someone here is going to be seen by more people than it would have had it stayed in your bedroom.


Yes, the writing gigs I provide here on Fiverr for $4 I would normally get paid $12.50-25 outside of fiverr.

My turn around time for fiverr is 6-10 days typically, where outside of fiverr it is 3-4 days. With gig extras fiverr clients can enjoy the same fast turn around time.

Basically, it’s all about how to properly balance your time and take advantage of gig extras.



Gig extras are what make this a long-term gig.