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Just delivered my first gig. Feeling great!☺


I am very new to Fiverr and I just wanted to share with fellow members that I managed to successfully complete my first Fiverr assignment. Most importantly, the buyer was happy. Last night my pessimism grew when I read some of the members saying they couldn’t finalize a deal after so many days. Fortunately for me I got my first client yesterday only.:slight_smile:


Congratulations Vicky, keep 'em coming! :sparkles:


Welcome @vickymaestro and congrats on the completion of your very first order. Good that you did not give up. Wish you lot of success for your future sales :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your first order completion!
Have good luck!:maple_leaf:


Thank you @exilegraphics


Thank you so much! It was just 4 days since I created my first gig. In that sense I consider myself lucky. Anyway thanks again.


Oh thats great @vickymaestro :slight_smile: Many sellers have to wait for days, weeks and even months to get their first order. Many give up within days and many keep editing and improving their gig , do proper marketing and finally succeed. Wish you good look for your journey on fiverr again :slight_smile:


Exactly. Persistence pays in any trade. Cheers!


:tada: Wishing you continued success!


Best wishes for your success!


Congrats Vicky, keep on going!! :slight_smile:


Lucky you, congratulations @vickymaestro. Could also remember the chills I felt when I made my first sale. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a long and productive fiverr career. :+1::clap:


big congrations to you


Dear…congartulation to you and i m also new to fiverr. Please let me know how to take orders


Well you can either search for potential buyers in the buyer’s request section or wait for them to land upon your gigs. Best way , I guess is to start communicating over messages to understand the needs of your client before accepting the order. Once you you have understood their requirement, the buyers will place order themselves. You don have to do any thing from your side.


Congratulations. You’ll feel more excited when you’ll get your first pay check. I still remember the feeling of first pay check. Nothing beats that.


Yes. I am definitely looking forward to that moment,