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" *** just delivered your work"

Hi everyone - about 48 hours ago I purchased two gigs from two separate sellers. I woke up the next day to the “*** just delivered your work” notification, but I hadn’t even sent them my details yet. I ended up putting my details by requesting a modification, but I found it to be a bit strange.

Is this common? From a seller’s perspective, is there an advantage to delivering a “ghost order” right away?

Any further info would be appreciated!

All of my Gigs™ have a 48 hour turnover time, and I rarely deliver an order too early; unless the buyer has given me 100% of what I need and the specific order was very straight forward. Most of the time, there is communication between the buyer and myself before the delivery. The only time I have “delivered” an order before the project was finished occurs when I needed more information from a buyer in a time zone 20 hours away or something; and even then, I make sure to be transparent and provide all the current work with that delivery.

Delivering “ghost” work, simply for the benefit of a fast turnover average is irresponsible on the buyer’s part. Not only is it confusing customer service, but then the order can be marked complete, rejected, and open for bad metrics and reviews. When a client and I can’t come to an agreed decision, or I can’t deliver on time, I find it’s best just to request a mutual cancellation. It’s not worth the time otherwise, and it’s less stressful for both parties.

The only logical reason I can think of for the “ghost delivery” is that the seller wants their (your) funds distributed quicker, in hopes that you’ll go along with it and wait for your actual delivery whenever they get around to it.

Not something that I’d do to any of my clients.

I read this as a “nudge” situation: that’s to say, you had ordered the gig, but for whatever reason, not added a message with any details (not even a “hi, I will get the details to you tomorrow”). I don’t think you can even deliver if that’s the case. If so, this is a glitch that Customer Support can sort out. Otherwise, see above–it’s bad form.

They cannot deliver anything to you unless the order starts.
The order can’t start unless you have entered the gig requirements.

If you got your deliveries before you put in the requirements you need to contact customer support because this is not supposed to happen.


I do not ever recall entering the gig requirements, but I may have - is there someplace I can go to see my initial message to a seller? Regardless, both marked my orders as complete without attaching any document.

Generally speaking, it does help if a buyer is a bit more present when ordering gigs.

A real “ghost order” can’t be delivered normally, as I think someone else mentioned. You may have hit a space or something in the requirements section. If that is the case, the seller may have panicked when you didn’t actually send any requirements. Usually an empty delivery is a bad thing, but I can kind of understand if the delivery window was short and the seller was nervous about being late.

It’s best just to wait to click order until you have your basic needs typed in a text file or something. You can re-write them once you see the actual requirements or copy/paste them and refine it in a second message, but at least you don’t leave a ghost order or an empty requirements order hanging.

You can look at the order page to see anything you wrote to the seller.

Order won’t start without submitting the data. With or without your knowledge you have submitted the requeted data. That’s why he can deliver.

Anyway if you haven’t provide the required data how can he deliver the completed product? Then he has to request the data from you. But if that request goes beyond the Promissed time duration he have no other option to maintain his delivery time without delivering blank content. But if you have provided all the data he requested at the becoming of the order he must deliver the product during the Promissed time duration.

I think that in some cases the buyer does not need to fill in any requirements. It is only when the seller has filled in an automatic request from the buyer form that the buyer has to fill in those requirements. Anyway whenever strange things happen it is advised for sellers and buyers to contact and solve the problem in a friendly way. If they do not agree, there is always the mutual cancellation option. If that is impossible then customer support will help both.

I hope you have found an explanation and a solution