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Just delivred my biggest order until now :D how much was yours?


Hi ,

i’m really excited guys ! i just delivred my biggest sale on fiverr until now it’s an order of $55 few days after launching a new gig. and at the end the buyer was very happy with the results :slight_smile:

how much was your biggest sale ? share with us



Well done! Keep going! It’s so exciting when your orders start growing on Fiverr. I started off selling $5 gigs. Now, after lots of hard work, my average is $30 and I sell everything from $5 - $500 gigs.


Only 5$…


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: just keep working bro ! big sales will come on their own :smiley:


Reply to @imadou: Thanks! I hope so! I do my best! :wink:


custom quote $50, first gig, after 2 days of signing up! lucky me!


Reply to @matiasbaldanza: Really Lucky :smiley: i spent a month to get my first $5 order :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @liverpoolmusic: i hope i will have success like you did :slight_smile:


Reply to @imadou: I’m sure you will. Just maintain excellent communication with your customers and over-deliver a little each time. There’s nothing to stop you!


also $55 :slight_smile:


it was $80 for me :smiley:


Reply to @karannawain: GREAT !


My Biggest order - $280 (A custom project) for complete website :slight_smile:


Reply to @wpfalcon: Amazing ! i wish i can do that some day :slight_smile:


my biggest order to date has been $70 … but i did get $100 tip off the back of a $5 gig !


Just 80$


Reply to @mjgenius: Great (y)


Reply to @imabus: Awesome !