Just Downright Annoying


I have a buyer who orders from me quite often on a particular subject. So, getting the latest news or information is tricky. This time the buyer orders for 20 latest news on the subject but did not respond to my request for an extension, which would have increased it from 5 days to 15 days. He’s agreed to do this before so I was kind of surprised that he didn’t accept it this time. Now, I’ve seen him online, so I don’t know what’s up.

I let him know yesterday that if he failed to accept the extension request, I would be forced to do a cancellation - blemishing my 100 percent rating. And, given that orders have gone down BUT are still high dollar, this may push me right to the 90 percent threshold. If it does, you best believe that, even if he’s a repeat client, I’ll block him for it.

I don’t know what’s up but obviously two messages and now the cancellation request should get his attention. One would think anyway.


I wish you luck with this. I can feel the stress.


I second what @misscrystal said. :worried:


There has always been complaints over the years on the forum but the difference now is the complaints seem to be coming more and more from established sellers. Why Fiverr, why is the rules set so even the best of us could flounder at no fault of our own.


Sellers being forced to cancel orders for no fault of their own (and getting penalized for it) will always continue to irk the shizz out of me. This is one metric that I’ve really had trouble wrapping my mind around since it was introduced. So frustrating.


I’ve been forced to go to CS with this issue now. The order will be late in 7 hours, and it pisses me off to no end. If he wasn’t online for 5 days now, I wouldn’t be so mad because something may have happened, but he’s been online during that time. How in the hell did he NOT see the request to extend the delivery time or whatnot? I am beyond annoyed now.


You know your customer better than I do, but in my experience I can say that not all buyers even understand what it means if they don’t respond right away.
It could easily be that they came online to respond to another seller and once it’s done they leave thinking they will deal with your order when they have more time.


I would believe that if I KNEW I hadn’t mentioned that he had a limited time to accept the request. I let him know that if he didn’t respond in the next day, I would be forcing the cancellation. Still nada, and he was online!


I just can’t imagine anyone doing this if they are a regular client.


It could also be that he shows as if he is online - and in your mind, watching his monitor laughing at your messages to him to extend the delivery, but, in reality, he just left his computer on and window to Fiverr open, but has not been back to the page!



The crazy thing is… I have been working with this buyer for over a YEAR now… A YEAR - Since Oct. 30 2017. In that time, 35 orders have been made. This is what makes me so angry. This is the first time I have had an issue with this client - I mean really had an issue.


There is no explanation for this that I can see.


Would this happen even if he was offline for three days, on for a 1 than offline for another 2 days?


Hoping you get this taken care of with no penalties.


I only mention that perhaps he is not sitting in front of his computer, but, just left it on and has not been back to either that window he left open or the computer at all! I only mention this, because there have been days where I will leave my computer on and pages open, for hours because I ran out to do an errand or whatever. I don’t think this guy is having some “power trip”, but, you know, who knows? LOL



When I wrote CS, I told them this was my LAST resort. That I had no choice but to cancel, and that their cancellation system policy sucked because I was being faulted for something that was NOT even in my power. Even with a cancellation dispute, the clock still runs down. That’s another issue I have with the system but that’s a problem for another day.


That’s why I would give him/her the benefit of doubt. I mean he hasn’t really said NO to the extension. The buyer hasn’t just responded and there’s no guarantee that they have seen it even when they are online. Or they haven’t had the time to address your request.

No matter what happens with this order, I wouldn’t shut this customer out until you actually get some kind of response or explanation to what happened.


Maybe your buyer will be reading this thread and recognse themselves?

They may not like some of the words being used to describe them - just a thought.


I had planned on that to be honest. I want to hear what happened because, chances are, he’ll come back and wonder what happened with the order. He was given at least 3 notices from me before I went to CS and one afterward - a few minutes ago, letting him know I had to force the cancellation issue due to his lack of response.


I wouldn’t try to do business with this buyer again.