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Just finished a job for Amore Pacific and CNBC


I just finished working for Amore Pacific and CNBC. It was a 110 dollar subtitle order and it took me like 8~12 hours. It was a 150ish job but I gave the guy a discount because why not, I had a lot of time and it was a bulk order in a long time.
Guess I’m going to pass out now and I’ll totally forget about posting this.
One question, how long does it take for you guys to finish a 100 dollar order and do you give discounts?


My $100 gig takes about 10 minutes a day for seven days, so a wee over an hour.
There are times when I discount, it depends on my schedule and their needs.


I don’t want to show off… but my best work (price/time related) was a $300 poster I did for the band "The Lumineers"
It took me 20 minutes.
I sometimes even think if I should have charged more… due to the big success they had 2 years ago…


XD I once had that situation. A guy ordered my video editing gig (currently removed) and paid like 50 dollars for it and asked me to put some music in it. Took me 2 minutes hehehe