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Just finished my First Fiverr Gig in under 1 hour!

So excited to have received and delivered my first gig after being on the site for only a few days.

As the Daughter of Grey’s Anatomy Actor and prominent Voice Actor James Pickens Jr, I am working to make a name for myself. I will gladly record any Professional Voiceover, up to 200 words, within 24 hours of your order. I am a Professional Voice Actor who will gladly record any voiceover, up to 200 words, within 24 hours of your order.

That’s right, DELIVERY WITH IN 24!

MY FIRST FIVERR’s: New clients receive one FREE gig! Thats right one FREE gig! With purchase of one gig.

I can provide a Sexy/Dry tone to your product needs, a Energetic/Happy tone for your Commercial, a resonant Announcing Voice and many more ! If your script is longer than 200 words, please purchase additional gigs until you reach the desired amount (select “Order More Than One” under the “Order Now” button.)

I will do my best to correct any grammatical errors found in your script, to ensure a perfect and Professional Voiceover.

Files are delivered in both .wav .mp3 format unless another format is requested and all formats are available.

I am available to VO work every day of the week!

(Dialects available: Various American)

Reply to @kjblynx: ha yea you’d be surprised, the business is rough and I found Fiverr to be a great site to get started. I learned in the entertainment industry a name can only get you in the door, and now thats actually turning out to be harder than I thought! packs bags too so where are we going? Because a gal needs some gigs lol

Reply to @kjblynx: don’t fret or short sell yourself, you have a unique voice that no one can emulate and someone will be looking for it. Practice is always a good choice, that a cake…always eat cake!