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Just for Fun (Pass it forward)

Just for fun . . .

If a client gave you a free gratuity/tip of $100 with just 1 stipulation: You have to do something good for someone else. In other words pass it forward. :wink:

What would you do with it? :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


The situation is not very clear - if it’s all legal and it’s some kind of “Pass the baton of kindness from one to another”, that’s not bad - I would help to someone who needs help (like a hungry child, r someone who is sick and can’t buy meds - I would buy it.
But if it’s something about any actions inside of Fiverr (or any other platform), we should be very careful and always think about what we do, we have to be sure, that we don’t break rules

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Do I good deed with it, logically.

Take the money and go on donation sites if you are not allowed to go outside.

If you can go outside look around your neighborhood for people or animals that need help. Go to local shelter and give money for next surgery that animals might need or to buy food for them.

Go to kinder-garden and ask do they need something replaced, do they need toys, books…

There is like millions of ways to do something with 100$.

But if he wants you to buy 40 services from him per $5 and leave 5* review then…


I’d take my friend to an out of town animal shelter. He just had his first and only ever pet die from a heart attack last week.

That cat was hist best friend, his bro, and his bud for over a decade. They went through 3 cities, 6 apartments and 2 girlfriends together and he is just crushed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man weeping openly over the death of an animal before.

He’s also getting married next month so the money is tight but I’d just be like: “Hey, your uber and your donation are paid for, hop in.” According to multiple therapists, donating and cuddling with some kittens can be good for you to process the grief even if you’re not ready to adopt anyone just yet. Plus, those kittens will get fed with that donation so it’s a win-win.


@gina_riley2 - cynical here. I’m always doing stuff for people and don’t need paid for it. Either tip me or don’t.

@lenasemenkova - that’s so incredibly sad and I really feel for your friend. I still have my Xander’s ashes sitting on the bookshelf after 2 years. Haven’t the heart to dispose of them …


It is sad. I put a brave face on, then I came home and I cried. But also, you know, it’s very raw and beautiful. Because if you cry for someone like this it means you loved them a lot.

We bury all of our family animals at my parents’ country house. They have the most beautiful apple/pear garden and I come to those gravestones regularly. Grief is grief, it doesn’t matter if’s an animal or a person.


I feel so stupid, but your post just made me cry.


Lost one of mine a few months back. I totally can relate. From a family of 6. Just not the same when you have don’t have the whole army clambering on your lap and the kitty acupuncture marks to show for it.


We have a local charity that benefits school age children by providing school supplies and second hand clothing. My $100 would go there.

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I don’t understand the hostility. It was just for fun.

Feel free to remove this thread.

It’s just I’ve been having some difficult time lately. I thought it would be fun to see some of the feel good things people would do.

I once tipped a waiter that seemed to be in a bad mood a $50 on a $25 check. He almost cried and thanked me. It just felt good to do something nice for someone.

Why are people talking about legality of it and all.


Not hostile, just British … :uk:


You were very kind to that waiter.
Anyway, I’d give some money to a local dogshelter, because they always need food and meds for new abandoned puppies and old dogs.
Then, I’d give the rest of the money to another person with just 1 stipulation: to do something good for someone else :slight_smile:


They say 1 act of kindness can go around the globe. :slightly_smiling_face:


Took it and invest for promote my gig. If i earn more, then i can to something good all the time some other else. So, i invest first. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I’d buy my cat two whole salmon fillets. I wasn’t sure this would count as charity, but she assured me it would. :cat: :fish:


Hmm! I’d probably bring my dog over to visit my neighbour’s kids. They love him and kids need extra fun in these challenging times.



Had to think a while on this. If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, I think I’d use it indirectly as gas money, and take a few of the elders in my neighborhood out-and-about.

Since we are, though, maybe RedCross?


I don’t think people are understanding what “pass it forward, on, whatever” actually means.

You don’t give the money away, you just do something nice for someone else. Like what humanissocial said.

If I were to tip her $100, it would make her feel good, in turn she is inspired to do something nice for someone else. She brings her dog to a neighbors house for the kids to play.

Those kids get inspired and let’s say mow’s an elderly neighbor’s yard. She is happy and bakes several meals to take to the shelter, etc.

Passing money forward is not the end game, passing kindness for something someone needs that brings a smile to their face. :smile:


Okay, then I would pay for the coffee of the cars behind me until the $100 ran out. Then I would keep doing it from time to time.

I also could buy some quality school supplies for the charity that provides school age children with school supplies. Or perhaps some new and trendy clothing to donate to that charity as well. Hmm, maybe some cute masks too.


I would commission someone for fun, I guess. :thinking:

A bit of a side track, I used to be active on this writing site that has something similar (the group is called “Random Acts of Kindness”/RAOK). There will be people who randomly, and often anonymously, gift a subscription for the writers new and old there who lost their sub (the sub will give you more space for your e-mail and portfolio among other benefits) - and some of these writers would in turn help others when they have money to spare.

I think it’s a beautiful idea.