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Just for learning sake


Can a seller give another seller a good review on fiverr? Most sellers outsource jobs to other sellers. One did same to me recently and said I should allow the order to be marked automatically. How good is this? I want to learn more about it.


I don’t know that there’s much more to learn.
Yes, some (not most) sellers outsource work.
Yes, sellers, as buyers, can give reviews to other sellers if it’s a genuine purchase. They might not want to leave a public review if they’re outsourcing work though.
If that seller/buyer wants to leave the order to mark automatically complete then that’s up to them.


I can leave another seller a review only if I have ordered from them, and I refer other seller’s details to my buyers if they’re looking for something I am not currently offering.


That’s not true. I work with many animators who outsource almost every single video to me and they never missed a single review… When you get more on your plate than you can handle, everybody does that. not something new. Also there are times when we have order and some emergency occur, we outsource the work…


Its pretty normal. Most of our orders get marked automatically. I had one order which was marked automatically complete and the buyer didnt log in to fiverr till this date. ( I hope he is alive)


I only said they might not want to; I didn’t mean to imply this was a universal fact.


I just explained it through my experience. I never said its a Universal Opinion.


I took (and still take) offence at ‘That’s not true’.


Ouch didnt realize it… Appologies then…


Okay, thank you. I understand now you didn’t mean anything by it.


Not at all… :hugging:


You are the ideal buyer and seller, good on you … If you outsource the work, you can still give review and tell the buyer that you outsourced all or part of the work, nothing wrong with that and it will not make you look bad.