Just Found Out Someone Copied One of My Gigs... Now it's not selling


I just came across a gig with the EXACT same description and tags as one of my (used to be) best selling gigs… and they’ve received orders for it! Maybe this is why I have not been getting orders for it lately? I was getting loads. :’(

My description has been changed since that person copied it, so it’s not exactly the same anymore. I am assuming I can’t do anything about it now. :frowning:

It really makes me mad to be honest.


That’s really a bummer. I have seen people copy my gig on some fiverr clone sites but luckily not on fiverr itself. I’ll be interested to read more comments on this thread–I hope others have ideas about what to do. Sorry this happened to you!


If someone copied my gig word for word like yours was, I’d be annoyed, but I would just change mine and make mine even better. Make an awesome video, take some better photos, write a better and more compelling description and offer even cooler gig extras. They might take one or two sales away from you, but in the end you’ll come out on top if you keep quality high.

With so many sellers on Fiverr, duplicate gigs are bound to happen all the time - sometimes entirely coincidentally, and sometimes on purpose. My goal is to just be the best of the bunch


It’s competition. I try not to get overly carried away with what others are doing. I have a unique product that I deliver professionally, and I see myself as not too affected because as a voiceover artist I’ll get some percentage of the work based on personal preference.

I will say though that anyone who is worth their weight should be able to totally write their own gig.

I go to successful gigs as a starting point for a few ideas like the relevant keywords, but I always write my own 100% originally myself.

This is a constant work in progress. If I go a while and a gig doesn’t sell, I’m going to replace it. I’m going to keep doing this over time hopefully all the way up to 20 gigs that each sell a decent average.

Diversification seems like a good idea to me. It would be nice to have a varying range of hit gigs so that when one does decline rapidly, there are others there to make up for it.

In fact, I think I’ll focus on a couple new gigs I can add today.

Don’t be discouraged.

I like original people who work hard to make it. I don’t appreciate copycat folks who only step up on and over others.


Yea, that’s the wild, wild web for you. I have to constantly check the web because I have people steal images and content from my website all the time. That’s the web for you. Plagiarism and copyright infringement is all too common. I usually get the web host or provider or someone to remove it and have been able to hold on to my stuff.


Reply to @arnevb: I thought about contact them, but since my gig description is different now, technically, it’s no longer an exact copy. So I doubt they’d do anything.