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Just found something... a bit concerning

Well, of course we can’t know unless we buy one, and that ain’t happening. But I’m quite curious as to what goes on in those conversations.

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I know there must be a million sellers on fiverr. I also know I won’t be purchasing anything on fiverr unless I can see the seller is legitimate and it won’t be someone with a bunch of fake reviews. So it’s not really of concern to me personally.
l’ve been on this forum long enough to see there are lots of people trying to game the system and they don’t get very far.

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Actually curious about that first bit. Do you have numbers on the amount of sellers? Genuinely asking, I don’t have a clear picture.

I’ve read a few recent articles about fiverr that shared some huge numbers but I don’t recall the specifics.

There are 8000 new gigs being made every day for example.

I found data from 2019 talking about 830.000 sellers. It could be around the million now.

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Anyone who has to do that isn’t going to be a successful seller most likely. They can buy 100 reviews but at some point they will fail. Pretty soon I imagine.

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The thing is, it depends. I’ll give you an example - there’s a ton of videos on youtube about running a turn-key operation on fiverr by buying backlinks on seoclerk and selling them here at a higher price. For an account like that, having the initial reviews is crucial to rank up, and then it’s easier to get level 2 or even TRS if the orders keep raining. The organic reviews are always positive because it’s a fool-proof service. This applies to other gigs that fit the same criteria as well.

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I thought they stopped allowing backlink sales, didn’t someone say that recently?

Those backlinks are bad I heard also as far as doing anything. Or they disappear fast to dead links.

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Maybe this specific type of gig is slightly out of date, I saw stuff from mid 2019. But there are always other gigs that can use the same model. Background removal, for example - super crowded, super mechanical and easy to get good reviews, but hard to start. If you work in that field, getting 10 5 star reviews quickly can be very interesting.

I know someone who bought 1000 backlinks or views not sure which for his YT channel and still no one sees it. I imagine it’s the same for anyone, in any situation.
Faking it doesn’t work no matter where you do it.

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It works for arbitrage, for a while. And a while is enough. When it crashes, rinse and repeat. These are not careers, nor are they meant to be.

If you offer something worthwhile with real value you are on your way. If not and you try to game the system it won’t work.

It will work for a bit. Or they can switch gears later. It’s talking about an initial boost, they are not buying reviews all the time. They get plenty of organic 5 star reviews. It’s not that the service is necessarily worthless, it’s just they are having an unfair starting advantage, that’s all. You can have a starting advantage and still lose the race if you stumble, but it can help a lot.

This doesn’t worry me. Fiverr is like a shopping mall with lots of stores. There are good stores, great stores, and bad stores. Customers will come in and their reviews will reflect on their experiences, they will also give private feedback to Fiverr.

Most of those groups accept everyone who applies. They will only ask you one or two questions to see if you know anything about the topic. I know because that’s what happened to me when I joined The Queen of the South, The Purge, and other TV Facebook groups. I also don’t think Fiverr is deactivating people on the basis of what they do outside of Fiverr.

It’s extremely hard to become TRS, I know people with huge sales queues that haven’t been promoted to TRS. Becoming a TRS is like becoming an ambassador of Fiverr, the standards are very strict.

Even if you buy 100 reviews, it won’t make a difference. Most TRS gigs have over 200 reviews, some over 1,000. If you see a TRS gig with only 11 reviews, it’s because it was created after the seller became TRS. This is extremely common as a TRS seller will seek new lucrative opportunities.

My point is that it doesn’t matter how people try to cheat Fiverr. The market always wins in the end.

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
Abraham Lincoln

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This is not true, they actually do. The group is set to private, unreadable for a reason. Do you believe Fiverr wouldn’t deactivate accounts if they knew those accounts were actively gambling the ratings? Or even selling reviews, which is worse? That’s worrying, since they are extremely strict on that. They ban people for asking a client about a review they left.

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Well said. And exactly right.


do you think that fiverr staff wouldn’t be able to join? Fiverr probably isn’t going to stoop to even investigating for the same reason fastcopyrwriter just said.

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Probably. Maybe they don’t care enough to. I’m not disputing that. But when they’re so strict about review policy, maybe they should. Some consistency.

If you want more reviews you could lower your prices for a while to get more. Even though what you do is complex, and you are a Pro seller, you can still charge only 100 for a while.

Oh! I wasn’t talking about myself at all. I’m fine with my reviews, I don’t need more! I’m talking in general, specially for new sellers that will be at a disadvantage. This doesn’t really apply to my field anyway.