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Just get 5 reviews and activate "available now":)

Finally, I get the 5th review and can enable the feature "available now"
Today on the 19th day I created my Fiverr account and have got 6 orders (5 are complete and 1 in the process).

I think this is very fast :slight_smile: And all I do is hang out in the buyer request section (Send offer) and share all my gigs on social media (every day).

Well, I am very happy because in my opinion the feature available now is very influential :slight_smile: Hopefully, the future will be better and more orders :slight_smile:

Have a great day :wink:


Did you start sharing on Social Media because Jonbass encouraged you to?

Hi Jonk, I am glad things are looking up for you?

You are lucky. I have over 1000 reviews and cannot use Available Now because I have old orders that never started. I can’t cancel them all either without ruining my cancellation rate.

Congratulations on hitting the 5 review marks so quickly.

Available now is a very handy feature and one I’m glad that Fiverr came out with.

Misscrystal, your inactive orders should not count against you, but your delivered orders do according to what I have been told by Fiverr’s CS.

Hope that helps,

I don’t have Available Now available to me since I have old inactive orders.

I cannot cancel them without it affecting my completion rate.

How do your delivered orders count against you?

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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You’re lucky, too. :smiley: You at least have the option to use it (if you clean those orders one day - maybe with CS help), I’m still not part of beta testing, so I don’t even have a chance to use it. :slight_smile:

I do not have the option to use it. I have about 20 old unstarted orders that will ruin my completion rate and cause me to be demoted if I have them cancelled.

Aha, then I understood you incorrectly - I thought you have an option, but it’s locked because of orders. Well, in your case I would check it out with CS, but I heard that if they clear unstarted orders, it doesn’t affect your stats. It’s worth a try. :slight_smile:

According to what others have reported who have done that, it does count against your completion rate.

Customer support does not have the ability to change your stats on your analytics page.

It seems that is not simply a matter of number of completed orders, or other requirements.
I contacted CS today and they told me:

Please keep in mind that we are still rolling out this feature.
Keep an eye out for when the feature becomes available on your Fiverr account.

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At least now we again have the online now option to check, which now works, to see who is online in addition to Available Now.

We also can see a tiny green dot on the thumbnails which indicates when a seller is online.

I would leave them alone so your level remains in tact. That’s more important.

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Yes there is no way I would cancel those.

If somehow your level still drops then take those gloves off.

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